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Parts of buildings are disappearing


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First of all i would like to say sorry if this is in the wrong section, i know its technically a bug but i don't seem to be able to post there. Please feel free to delete this post if it is breaking any rules.

I urgently need some assistance with a reoccurring problem on tekkit my server, i have had a couple of players complaining about there houses being griefed so when i go to roll it back there is no data of the blocks disappearing or in some cases, even being placed. At first i though it had to be a rollback error but it is just random chunks of buildings and never the whole thing. One of my donators has a huge airship he has been building for some time and the middle of it looks like its just been world edited out where as there is another building of his that looks like its been hit with a nuker hack. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated and again, sorry if this is in the wrong place.

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FYI - You do not post to the bug forums, there's a button at the top to submit a "Ticket" of sorts.

On your specific issue. I'm assuming you've got a corrupted world. Seems to be a common thing on Tekkit servers recently. Go back in your server.log and look for errors like...

Chunk file at 149,-52 is in the wrong location; relocating. (Expected 149, -52, got 150, -53)

Of course, your chunk locations will show different numbers, but that pretty much means your world is corrupt and eating itself away by moving shit where it doesn't belong.

If you want proof, find your most recent errors, and multiply the chunk numbers by 16 and tp to those coordinates. Always nice to see a chunk of spawn floating inside a chunk of volcano.

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