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Okay so im making a sign with monitors and computer craft but how do i make mutiple lines of writing i can only make one how do i make more heres the coding






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You're better off not using the peripheral api. Simply,



print("line 1")

print("line 2")


Then when you run the program, do "monitor right [program]". If you want this to be your startup program, create a new program called startup and type:

shell.run(monitor right [program])

I had the same problem today, I have no idea why there is no mon.print() method.

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You only need to use the peripheral api in that way if you want the user to be interacting with the terminal at the same time you are displaying on a monitor.

For example, if you made a connect 4 game, you could display the board on a large monitor with a computer hooked up to wait for rednet messages and update the board accordingly. Each player would then have a computer that sends their move over rednet to the first computer.

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