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  1. And why would I go through the effort of spawning stuff in, taking a screenshot, uploading to imgur etc. for something that's not even remotely funny or what you call 'trolling'?
  2. Create a program called startup. local mon = peripheral.wrap(“top”) mon.clear() mon.setCursorPos(1,1) mon.write(“Random crap”) mon.setCursorPos(1,2) — line break, because the peripheral api does not have a print method. mon.write(“More random crap”) etc.
  3. I don’t think it should be removed, I don’t use it myself but I don’t think it should be removed from Tekkit. If you don’t like it find/make a server which has it or parts of it disabled, simple. I think the truly over powered items are chunk loaders on servers. With your chunks loaded, an overnight sleep will give you riches beyond your wildest dreams, exaggerating of course. This is true for collectors, solar arrays making UU, Red Power frame and buildcraft quarries. All of these are processes which are meant to take hours or days to complete yet with a chunk loader block all of these can be achieved in your sleep. Mind you, I am not hating on chunk loaders, they are great things and essential for many aspects of he mods. I just feel they are easy to abuse. Also remember Pahimar is working on EE3 and he said he will make it more balanced and not a kinda creative mode.
  4. You could make a separate world for mining, all the mod added ores will generate there so theres no need to regen any of your land. Also this would probably be better for people who want BC/RP Quarries.
  5. This could also work, copy the .techniclauncher/tekkit folder to somewhere. Rename it to minecraft and replace your vanilla minecraft folder with the new one. Then launch tekkit using the minecraft launcher.
  6. I actually did it once by accident, I gave up on minecraft achievements a long time ago, the amounts of times i got the “Getting Wood” achievement is annoying. I think by now I know that I’m getting wood… looking at Xylord’s avatar…
  7. I am looking forward to a Thaumcraft farm (if those are in TC3/AC) going to an auto smelting system to an ender chest. Mobile spuds! As an Irish man, I love potatoes! Also interesting quote from Minecraft wiki:
  8. I think it’s mainly used for night vision potions, I’m not sure if it has any other affects.
  9. Potatoes refill 3 hunger bars, like bread but it takes three wheat to make one bread, whereas it takes one potato, cooked in a furnace. I think bread will be easier to make in vanilla but with IC2 and a BC/RP auto smelting and sorting, potatoes will be a lot easier for us. I’m not too sure about carrots though.
  10. You're better off not using the peripheral api. Simply, term.clear() term.setCursorPos(4,4) print("line 1") print("line 2") Etc. Then when you run the program, do "monitor right [program]". If you want this to be your startup program, create a new program called startup and type: shell.run(monitor right [program]) I had the same problem today, I have no idea why there is no mon.print() method.
  11. I was on my own playing, I started on ranged, but switched to melee once I died. I was using a trackpad instead of a mouse, quite a good trackpad but I could have done better with a mouse. Sorry I don't have anyone to test it with, and I don't have the hardware to run a server.
  12. Well if mobs spawn with random bits of armour, what if Minecraft actually recognises armour added from mods and gave them to zombies and skeletons? We would be screwed!
  13. It could also be an issue with the Spoutcraft launcher (Technic launcher), similarly my head appears black in the launcher window, but normal in game. Like Plague said, press F5
  14. As an Irish man, I definitely approve! Sláinte! (cheers in Irish)
  15. Don't worry I just cheated in some EE goodies and broke into the spawn area and cleared my inventory. I spent about 30 mins and got to the second set of beds. I like the overall style and theme of the map but there are three things I would like to change: The library maze was a tad long and felt too claustrophobic. The lever hidden below the table was hard to find. I didnt find any food until the second checkpoint, it made the fighting in the maze quite difficult as I had to resort to zombie flesh. The ranged class was lacking a ranged weapon from the start. Maybe switch the iron knife for a bow and later on, a crossbow/musket. Apart from that I enjoyed what I've played so far, I will play a little more tomorrow. I hope my little constructive criticism helps.
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