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My new project!


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Hello everyone!

So over the past week or so I have been working on developing a tv show/lets play combine, been getting down the voices for the characters and trying to plan out different chains of events for future episodes. Its going to be a comedy/drama. Im not to sure how to use "animation" programs to allow for a more fluid movements, I have just been frapsing and editing the footage to match the voices and scenes. The reason why I am posting about it, is because I just wanted some input on what you guys would think about a minecraft/tvshow/lets play not like normal lets plays and commentaries but once with actual acting roles and a story to go along with it. So the general Idea would be: opening video would be strictly the opening and a climactic/humurous event that leads into revenge themed lets play. The goal is to keep in character even in the "lets play" portion.. Its going to be using the tekkit modpack and a tekkit server because there is quite a lot more that you can do in tekkit than regular minecraft, obviously. I will stop ranting and what not now, its just a project and an Idea that I have been working on and I would love your guys' input.

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Its not technically a let's play, its going to be a story based tv show with a lets play built into it for basically like "backround of what builds up and how things pan out in the story." and thank you for the input, I fxed the signature. I didn't know that wasn't allowed ill be sure not to "sign".

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