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We have a problem on a server i use, that includes a huge amount of greifing occouring, and its starting to tick us off. I want to find out who this person is by finding out who logged in and when so i can ban them but the only person who knows the code is the owner: who i havent seen in a long time (in game and real), also the owners friend is offline so i cant find out from him..... Please , how do i go about this situation... Its really pushing my limits

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You can't. The solution is to not play on a server where nobody has access to the actual game files... Forget griefers; all KINDS of things can and will go horribly wrong and be impossible to fix if nobody has access to the actual server computer anymore.

For instance, you have no real way to use backups, so if anything gets corrupted at all, you'll be screwed.

You won't be able to update to new versions of tekkit.


Just get out. Terrible place to play.

If you REALLY like that map, then take down all your friends' email addresses, and go play somewhere else. Then when the owner comes back, ask for a copy of the map to host somewhere else that has actual leadership, and invite everyone back again.

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