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I'm a long time user, first time poster...

I want to set up and run my own server, but i have some questions for those in the know about tekkit's internet usage, is it a high usage program (10-20Gb a month) or is it as i expect? and a reasonably low usuage a month?

My plan is to run it from an offsite location and a friend and myself will connect via the multiplayer option on the client side. I understand it is going to be much higher depending on how many users and how much activity, we plan on using it mostly GMT evenings and weekends on a rather ad hoc basis

if anyone can help i would be very appreciative :)

also i have a terrible memory and I am sending this from work, and havent had a chance to see if there is something similar already. sorry if there is :(


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i'm currently seeing between 30kbps and 400kbps per player on my server, depending on the enviroment.

30 kbps from a player in a new world vs. 400kbps from a player with many machines around him.

Edit: The 400kbps player could play about 60hours per month before hitting the 10GB traffic cap

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