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Mod Ideas for Tekkit Single Player and Multiplayer


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There are a lot of good mods that tekkit needs to be great because most of the ones it has are confusing at best and are hard to use, so I think we should add:

The Aether

Clay Soldiers

Elemental Arrows

Smart Moving

Mob Dismemberment


And maybe the Gun Mod if Sphax makes a patch for it

So thats what I think should be considered to be added into tekkit if the are compatable

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By tekkit single player I think you mean technic, since tekkit is made to be played on servers and is not optimized for single player gameplay like technic is. Anyway, most of these mods have already been suggested and their threads can be found should you use the search bar.

Maybe you could make your suggestion more convincing by looking up if some of those mods are forge and bulking compatible? :)

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