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  1. Why get ten monitors? Either stay at nine or go to twelve. The odd one will just make your game cupola all wonky.
  2. Being new to the whole ARPG type of games, Diablo 3 being my first, I was kind of daunted with Torchlight 2 for giving me the freedom of either making a jack of all trades or a specialized class. Most of the time I end up making a shitty mix that end's up being unsatisfying on both fronts, and I tend to like guides a lot. Therefore, post torchlight 2 builds here or just give constructive criticism on builds currently on the page. Got mine off a guide, so here it goes: Engineer- Tank -Passives Bulwark Aegis of fate - might replace Fire & spark Sword & board Supercharge -Actives Forcefield Shield Bash Heal bot Spider mines Seismic Slam Onslaught -Stats Vit/Dex 2:1 When those stats stop being effective to increase go all strength The build works like this; fire & spark, sword & board, and supercharge increase my attack, while Bulwark and aegis of fate make you tanky. You use shield bash to generate charge, and use all that charge with forcefield for extra defense. Seismic Slam and Onslaught are used when you have the defense up, and heal bot with spider mines are to complement things. Its clearly a shield and one handed build, and I'm not sure if its any good seeing as how two handed seems to do a lot more damage. Really, most of my abilities are to make up for that lack of dps and they don't seem to do that good of a job. I hear aegis and forcefield counteract each other, but I haven't leveled aegis enough to find out. Any other builds are welcome, and if you have some advice for me feel free to share.
  3. You don't subdivide, you add four times the pixels. When you magnify the image to be larger, you aren't actually making it larger unless you export it as a 32x32. Try doing that first and then try subdividing it.
  4. The version of railcraft which tekkit uses isn't the same version this texture pack supports. The tekkit railcraft uses a png file with both rails and machines on the same file, while this texture pack provides a separate file for the tracks called tracks.png. Tekkit-railcraft calls out its rail textures from the railcraft.png, and since the rails aren't there in this texturepack it comes up with purple squares. Some of the early doku-technic texture packs posted on this thread (not by FTWBurn) have the tekkit compatible version for railcraft, although they weren't as complete as the OP's version since some of their items were still vanilla. This problem has nothing to do with the Optifine fix, as that fixes a problem with held items looking buggy. If you get purple squares it means that the texture pack is screwing something up and doesn't support a mod or the version of a mod being used. As an aside; To the mac users having trouble with your jar files. To get a jar file back to how it was before you decompressed it you need to select all the files inside the folder and then compress that. If you compress a folder all you get is a compressed folder. Terminal is a very effective and powerful tool, but this kind of thing is way beneath its realm of usefulness. Its actually easier to forgo using terminal for this, and you don't run the risk of sending your files to a random location if you mess up.
  5. Macs have an odd way of compressing files. If you compress your texture pack folder all you have is a compressed folder. What you need to do is select all the files inside the folder and then compress that. Rename the zip after the texture pack folder and use that.
  6. Seriously use the search bar. Each time someone posts a low effort question instead of looking for an answer, they bury the posts that actually help people. Now when I look for forestry on these forums this thread comes up before a guide does. Here's a good guide.
  7. Use the search bar. There are guides that crop up and help but then get buried by people asking for links to those guides.
  8. By tekkit single player I think you mean technic, since tekkit is made to be played on servers and is not optimized for single player gameplay like technic is. Anyway, most of these mods have already been suggested and their threads can be found should you use the search bar. Maybe you could make your suggestion more convincing by looking up if some of those mods are forge and bulking compatible? :)
  9. Reading through previous threads tells me that zeppelin mod was too unstable and flan's mod uses a tekkit incompatible forge version or something. Sorry but no dice on whether those two mods will ever be added. Btw. Use the search bar, those mods get suggested every week and people tend to get grumpy about answering those same questions.
  10. This happens to me every time I stand in front of transformers or gold cables, even when everything's insulated. Can't say if its a but or not, but I always thought it had something to do with large packets of energy traveling through a single wire.
  11. Delete EE2 from the tekkit client mods folder. Find the techniclauncher folder, then go to tekkit, then go to mods.
  12. No problem. Mind you it was my first project using redpower and I can't say its very efficient or cheap. I planned it out in creative and then crafted the design in survival to replace an old buildcraft sorting lag-monster. Because its predecessor filled up my basement I ended up making a large system when it didn't need to be. It has one sorting machine which takes all raw ores, resin, and rubber logs into six macerators and three extractors. The macerators each have three overclockers, and feed ore dust into furnaces, which have one overclocker each. The furnaces and extractors then take their payloads to a singular chest. Filters take out of each IC2 machine and feed it to the next set of machines with pulses from a red wool jacketed wire and a timer. All the machines are powered with six solar panels, which feed two MFE's and three Batboxes. Looking back, I could have gotten away with using two colors, transponders instead of most filters, and two filters instead of a sorting machine, but its already been made and installed in my workshop's basement so I don't really mind.
  13. I was going to post a picture of an example set up, but decided to write something quickly in hopes of still being useful. As it is I was still beaten to the punch. Oh well. You could also use paint and make even a simple furnace-macerator set up look a lot nicer.
  14. Place a transponder next to the chest, then connect pneumatic tubes from that transponder to the top of the macerator. Take another transponder and place it in front of the macerator, connect pneumatic tubes from that transponder to the top of the furnaces. Further, you need another two transponders in front of the furnaces and to connect them to the last chest using pneumatic tubes. Finally, use redstone-wire/jacketed-wire to connect all the transponders together with a lever and a redpower timer. When the lever is active the timer won't pulse, but when the lever is off the timer will power all the transponders and run your system. Edit: Beaten, disregard if you would like to.
  15. The loss of caspertheghost's server launcher will forever haunt old tekkit mac users... If you really just want to run the tekkit server/client and don't mind loosing two mods, you could delete the server and client versions of advance machines and nether ores. From what I remember those are the only ones which use JDK7. I've been doing that for a few versions now because I run things on snow leopard and can't use JDK7. I haven't had any problems since, and I don't miss the mods much.