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(Hiring) Enlisting Staff Members - Read Thread for more Info!


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(I'm hiring staff members, I highly suggest you read everything below before contacting me)

Fellow members of TechnicPack.net and Bukkit.org, or guests if you just happened to stroll by this thread,

I come before you today in invitation for extra hands on a task nearing conclusion for launch and continuation in progression after the 9th of this September. A task primarily encompassing a Tekkit server at this period. I’m looking for one who is probable of being committed to the community of Antrilo.com. Whether you’re positioned as a staff member, developer even my partner in administrating the backbone of the community and its servers, your interest in position as one or more of the listed is pliably possible in enrollment and greatly valued at this time.

Being a part of the management team, I expect maturity and accountability with an experienced background in authority over a community along with being active on a daily base regularly. It is also suggested that you speak fluent English along with correct grammar and spelling.. I’d rather French kiss a barracuda than to not have one who lacks their English proficiency by causing an appeal over our community as one with a bunker full of staff kiddies.

If you’re interested in my invitation and meet the requirements stated in the second paragraph, and/or having other to say.. you can continue in private talk and what not by contacting me via the following:


Skype @ Jack_Tremor

E-mail @ [email protected]

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