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Too many items mod not working

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I have been playing with the Tekkit mad for a week or two now and all of a sudden the Too many items mod does not show up any more. I play on a server which does not allow creating blocks but allows the use for checking recipes which is handy. I have checked single player and it does not show up there either. To fix this I uninstalled Tekkit and re-installed/downloaded everything again which fixed it for about a day and it is gone again? Any ideas on how to get it to stay long term? If you need any more information let me know.

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Hey guys this has nothing to do with the inventory but how do I get the sound to work. It does the birds at day and frogs at night, and the wind on hills, but the normal sounds don't work like walk on grass or breaking blocks. I have music on 100% and sound on 100% but it won't work, my speakers are fine because I can play vinilla with sound and other games.

Can some one please help?

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