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  1. Been a while since I posted. I have the player status GUI implemented and have black/white listed fakeplayers (based on a config option) as well as general improvements. For those feeling adventurous you can download v0.4.cefbefc
  2. You will have a better chance getting help from the factions community rather than here.
  3. Your google fu is weak lmgtfy.com/?q=linux+mint+java+8
  4. Plugins =/= Mods. Plugins are server side only typically
  5. ​Nope. Mods normally need to exist both client and server side
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/en/help/201
  7. Hmm could you please upload the logs for me (MPC.log)?
  8. That means you goofed up your .zip try again with another method
  9. Run it through https://github.com/disconsented/MPC (check releases for downloads)
  10. http://docs.solder.io/ Take special note of that warning.
  11. You haven't given us enough to go on so run your modpack through https://github.com/disconsented/MPC (check releases for downloads)
  12. Donations are fine but when you're giving something in return it is no longer a donation but instead it is a purchase
  13. If you follow the link you would notice that it reports a 404 error. You need a permanent direct link (i.e. as soon as you click it you get a file)
  14. http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/bugs.html Read this, read it fully then come back once you understand and will admit what you did wrong. Until then you're not capable of receiving help
  15. https://www.dropbox.com/en/help/201
  16. ​You're right, was just a small bug on my side. You should also upload your error logs/ general logs (located within .technic/logs/)
  17. Running your pack through https://github.com/disconsented/MPC results in: http://pastebin.com/16mYgxTn
  18. https://www.dropbox.com/en/help/201 http://pastebin.com/BK8J2M0A
  19. MPC checks for a few common mistakes for Monolithic (.zip) modpacks and tells you where you went wrong. Requires Java 7 Releases Readme
  20. Sounds you like you didn't install the fix from LexManos
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