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  1. Reworking a ton of ANSSRPG code but in the mean time I have made a small (1 feature) mod. Check OP for more info
  2. www.nexisgames.com/its-official-u-craft-in-development-exclusively-for-wii-u/
  3. http://webcheatsheet.com/sql/mysql_backup_restore.php#phpmyadmin
  4. Bring it up with the software's developers, nothing to do with us.My "remark" helps more than you think, human interaction is almost always better than a cold heartless machine.
  5. Its quite obvious that the parental control is at fault however we are not support for that product. You should try iterating with the person who is the reason why that it was installed instead of relying on cold, distant and heartless systems to do so.
  6. Google TechnicSolder Otherwise the launcher will prompt people when there is a new update
  7. Technic doesn't host the files so it depends on the file host
  8. Put the mod in modpack.jarHowever due to how the launcher works it probably won't work
  9. http://sitwon.github.io/learnproglang/Home.html Read ^ and use it to learn to program. Once you are able to do that you will need to learn how to google.
  10. That is still chicken scratch. If it where hourly then you might attract some interest from people who know what they are doing
  11. "hacker" good to see you know what the term means
  12. I just acquired your password and will now resell your account
  13. Apparently I need to spell it out. The only acceptable way to compare computer components for performance that are not of the same micro-architecture is via real world benchmarking. Stop mentioning Hz. For a Minecraft server you want strong single-threaded preformance
  14. Herz for a CPU is like RPM for a car's engine. It doesn't tell you how fast its going only how many cycles its doinghttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megahertz_myth
  15. RAM only increases performance where there was a previously inadequate amount. If a system requires X amount of RAM adding an amount higher than X will not and cannot affect preformance. If you have less the system will substitute in other components
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