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  1. You either: Don't have enough RAM (its physical hardware) installed and/or arn't using 64Bit java
  2. Use a profiler to find out what is the cause (warm roast is one example)
  3. Craftbukkit is an implementation of the bukkit API (essentually)
  4. Google bukkit plugins If you don't know how to program don't bother
  5. There is >_> Its the tracker tab
  6. If Hamachi is "to slow" your connection isn't good enough >_>
  7. Update cauldron, run the installer and make sure you keep the libs and minecraft_server
  8. You NEED to install cauldron for plugins, instructions are on the wiki http://cauldron.minecraftforge.net/
  9. Looks like you are trying to use a bukkit plugin without cauldron
  10. If by 1.1 you mean minecraft 1.1 then no. Don't know why you want to be using something that outdated
  11. Drop down to 1GB and keep bumping it up slowly until you find the balancing point There is also the possibility that your storage is at fault
  12. Okay so some random post's an IP adress and tells everyone to ban it Sounds legit
  13. No mention of pay or workload. You are running an enjin server. No thank you
  14. Why?http://w3techs.com/blog/entry/debian_is_now_the_most_popular_linux_distribution_on_web_servers
  15. If you have any evidence to the contrary feel free to post it here.
  16. Hz is only relevant when comparing the same micro-architecture(especially now that the Ghz war has ended). For everything else there is Benchmarking
  17. If you can find it you need MCPC+ for 1.5 I thought voltz was updated to 1.6 /?
  18. You don't seem to realize that sentence wasn't directed at him. Irony
  19. Don't try to discern a persons intention exclusivity via text. That was not directed at you or OP. It was a quip towards the community's tendency for drama
  20. Uninstall all versions of java, restart then install Java 7 64bit
  21. 19.4 is perfectly acceptable. What is probably the issue is that you have to much RAM allocated so GC has to do more work
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