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  1. 1.7.10 has never had an issue with J8 only 1.7.2 and earlier with a fix for 1.6.4 being made mainstream. For the rest you will get your answer fast through research
  2. New website and build out today. Finally includes default configs :D [Download][Patch Notes]
  3. If its a solder pack you can manually set the version. Otherwise you are SOL
  4. ​Cheers, good to see that you like it If you need a hand with it or want to talk live I have a IRC channel on Esper (#disconsented)
  5. When we where still providing support, COFH mods over B6 (or equivalent) had issues. I am unsure if it is resolved but when it was brought up iirc the COFH crew where hesitant in resolving the issue.
  6. http://www.crucial.com/usa/en/advisor
  7. Play with the debug graphs enabled (shift + f3) and report the graph when these issues occur. Also more information is needed (like frequency, how performance monitor reports how the rest of the system is going etc)
  8. That wasn't even anywhere close to rude.
  9. That is not a gaming laptop at all. There is no dedicated graphics card (aka the single most important thing for a gaming system)
  10. Not much to report besides bug fixes. However I do have a video that should help explain the mod a bit
  11. MyTown ForgePerms/PEX (also from the MyTown folks) ??? Java programming Mystcraft
  12. How do you expect to use a java program without java?
  13. I don't know where you got the idea of 'great computer' from. A 720 is a low end card, 8GB of RAM and a Quad Core is common place. Heck you probably have a FX processor in which cause it doesn't have true cores. Watch performance monitor that is built into windows that will show you the issue
  14. Basically unless and every client the connects to that server has added in Mo'creatures it wont work. You're better off finding another pack or creating your own
  15. The wiki is very clear, take the time to read the instructions if you are really serious.
  16. iirc 1.2.9f was just a Java 8 compat thing. If you're using J7 .9e will work with .9f
  17. Yes its basically setup the same way as any other hamachi MC server
  18. Come visit the offical subreddit (as sanctioned by GenPage)
  19. Realms doesn't support mods at all, you need to rent a proper server host for multiplayer modded server
  20. This is _not_ the place to attract developers and most people are not interested in doing work without all the information being upfront
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