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  1. You mean like every other technomagic pack?
  2. Hello everyone! I have two releases for you today ANSSRPG TC3 DisconUtil RC2 Bug reports should go within each of the mods issue tracker or chat with me on IRC
  3. Apparently this is now a linux support forum... chmod +x /path/to/launcher
  4. I love how you completely ignored the cauldron forums. Heck I made a post about this specific issue not to long ago
  5. Even so reporting them here does _nothing_
  6. You path variable is probably set to 32 bit. Uninstall ALL java, restart then install 64bit java
  7. If you can't figure out the different between modpacks and mods you have literally 0 hope of this becoming a reality.
  8. Obtain network adapters that work for your Nix distro of choice
  9. Considering how these machines run XP you are wasting your time
  10. You probably want to RAID 5 instead so you have some fault tolerance
  11. Since when did magic have modpack support, delta updates or a platform behind it?
  12. None of those are relevant at all that's why.Also one of the config files got messed up
  13. What are trying to achieve?
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