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  1. http://www.computermemoryupgrade.net/memory-influence-on-performance.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megahertz_myth
  2. Since you seem to have a horrendous amount of capital to play with why don't you have a E5-2699 v3 ?
  3. Fun fact:Technologically there is _nothing_ Microsoft to do that will stop modding due to the nature of Java it is impossible. If they do anything we can just decompile it and change it. Quite frankly most of your speech is just fluff and you're analogy's that you are using are for games that at their core are drastically different to MC further more there is no precedent established that suggests that Microsoft is going to do what you are saying.
  4. http://cauldron.minecraftforge.net/threads/support-rules-and-guidelines-must-read.2/
  5. You are completely jumping the gun here.
  6. At this point we cannot possibly know whats going to happen. So until the dust settles I am going to get some popcorn
  7. Learn to mod and recreate whats missing IIRC EE2 is being recreated and practically everything else is updated or has replacements
  8. Tekkit classic is impossible to recreate as a plugin as you cannot send anything like textures or models to the client. Also a good programmer is ~$60/hr
  9. On this note there are MD5 hashes so you can verify the integrity of the file
  10. All Cauldron downloads have been taken down due to the DMCA filed
  11. Getting better but irreverent
  12. Cauldron was DMCA'ed. If you can find it thats what you want
  13. Its probably a false positive
  14. Its like google doesn't exist (Tip: TechnicSolder)
  15. We are still offering support for now
  16. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VJ1WzHI-VUuoHEJz4SRHUbl-5XnsURbqP5fIi8B4Kyg/preview?sle=true Nice update on the matter
  17. Since the DMCA notices there has been a huge push to move servers away from bukkit. Information -> https://docs.google.com/document/d/12RV9FEe7wsowfAd_fVML1tNs3MplYIQ090CO41ejsvA/edit
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