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  1. Try breaking and re-placing the rancher.
  2. Talk to the B Team (aka generikb and BDoubleO100). As far as I know they have no interest in updating the modpack; the former has quit Minecraft altogether and the latter is only doing his vanilla SSP.
  3. (I'm sorry I just couldn't resist) Mod Edit: Resist next time. Meme posts are not allowed.
  4. Amazing. We really need more threads like these, rather than the "halp" posts that clutter the forum now. Great job, nicely done.
  5. I'm pretty sure you mean GB. MB in terms of RAM is really small. That error message you get is what happens when you run Minecraft without sufficient RAM allocated to it.
  6. Specifically what restrictions are you putting on the power armor?
  7. Also try allocating more RAM to the technic launcher.
  8. Help Toxic_Turtle's brain is broken You're supposed to post this on the tracker rather than in the main forum. But as long as I'm here, I'll offer my help. I think the problem is not with your Internet nor your friends'. My friend had a vanilla server running through Hamachi; he invited me on but the lag was so unbearable that I couldn't do anything, though we could both join other servers without any issue. From the description of your problem, it seems that the problem is with Hamachi, so it seems that you'll need to just port-forward your router or buy a server. GGservers and Astral Host
  9. As far as I know 0.20.6 is the latest build of Witchery, which is the update that added Hobgoblins. Unless you are talking about updating to 1.7.10, in which case the modpack will likely make that transition when all the mods in the pack have updated (I believe we're waiting on Tropicraft and World of Dinos?) Of course, since I'm not part of the technic team I could be completely lying to you right now, but this is what I think will likely happen.
  10. More ores is from CoFH Core. Marble is from Artifice.
  11. Also, in regard to your second question, all you'll need to do to update a server is: 1. Shut it off. 2. Delete the folders "config," "flan," "hats," and "mods" in the main server folder. Delete the folder "libraries" in the "jar" folder. 3. Reupload the folders you just deleted, but use the folders from the new server files. 4. Turn on the server. If all went well, your server should be updated to 1.0.13c! (or whatever version you're updating it to)
  12. Melfice that won't help, because mercstriker was asking about the Full Guard Pattern. To answer your question mercstriker, no, there is no way to obtain the full guard pattern without cheating or editing config files.
  13. Also, most mods won't update to 1.8 because since there's no Forge the installation would have to be the old-school "modify .jar and replace class files" which would cause so many problems it's not even funny.
  14. Currently it's taking "so long" because Forge is taking "so long" to get a 1.8 build out. 1.7 updates took so long (no quotes) because Mojang changed literally over 9000 lines of code from what they were in 1.6.
  15. It's a bit hard to put TPPI bugs on the tracker when no such section on the tracker exists.

    1. Munaus


      if the modpack doesn't download then it belongs on Launcher Tracker.

      as for an actual TPPI modpack Tracker, we'll see if that will be needed in the near future

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