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  1. ProjectRed is built with a Multiparts which is not compatible with AoTBT. It should really be removed if it crashes the server and cannot be fixed. The guy who made PR said he will never fix the 1.6.4 build by rebuilding it with a different Multiparts. Read the tracker forum for more posts about server crashes with PR.
  2. We're having too many issues with AoTBT. I don't know if others are having so many problems but it's getting annoying. Had to disable ProjectRed as it crashes the server and there'll never be a fix Had to disable Minions because they can bypass restrictions and if someone logs off the server while minions have large inventories, they drop the lot in one spot. Now this chunk has 6,000+ entities and lags the server if anyone visits it Dubstep guns can bypass restrictions Archimedes Ships are buggy Hats just plain don't work. The server-side file crashes the server if it tries to load it.
  3. You'll have to disable ProjectRed. The Multipart in AoTBT is not compatible with it. This is a known bug which will not be fixed.
  4. Hey! My server is still on .12 but the CPU isn't coping with the number of players (only 29). Is there something I need to add to the commandline or something you could suggest? CPU is hovering at 200% +/- 50% 2955 ftb 20 0 8262m 2.1g 12m S 197.1 44.8 140:24.10 java Cheers.
  5. Interesting. All my Morphs were working before the update and they were gone after it. I guess the upgrade corrupted it then deleted it. Thanks.
  6. Yeah there's Towny but it doesn't know about mod items so people can grief easily. MyTown2 should add in-game currency charges but there's nothing else to use.
  7. Your client and server need to be the same version. One of them is not
  8. Ah okay so it's a known issue that upgrading will delete morphs. They might want to put this in a notice somewhere before we update I will check for a backup.
  9. Yes. Make sure you and the server have the latest version. Do not update yours if the server admin has not said he's updated. Also, it takes a few complete log ons and quitting Technic launcher before it correctly downloads all microblocks stuff.
  10. You'll need to supply a crash log on a pastebin so we can review it
  11. I had to update my desktop client twice to the same version as the server before mine worked. Linux is irrelevant. Ignore the support team. If they say that you have a shit host
  12. You will need to post the contents of crash-2014-06-23_23.30.42-client.txt to a pastebin and give us a link to read Most AoTBT issues right now are clients having a different version to the server. Make sure the server has been updated if you clicked YES to update. We had people trying to log into my server before I updated but they had already updated their client without checking with me first
  13. Hi. I updated my client and server to 1.0.12a and now my morphs have all gone. Same thing happened with other people on the server. Is there any way to get this back?
  14. We added TreeCapitator, MCPC+, MyTown, Group Manager. MyTown is pretty crap though. It has no way of charging via in-game currency. I have it set to charge people diamonds for land, but that never works and people just keep claiming land and making towns.
  15. It crashes mine as well so I had to stop using it. I combined them correctly. A friend of mine did the same and has no issues, but mine was crashing whenever a particular type of grass was nearby to be drawn.
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