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Nifty exploit


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It's a "legit" way of getting infinite liquids, and you can get it in survival with no use of console commands or going into LAN mode, etc.

To get to it, you'll need to be pretty far advanced into the Thaumcraft mod. Here's how:

Get an Awakened Ichorium Pickaxe, use the block mode to break any sort of valid block (stone, cobble, etc.) that's next to portable tanks. This will break the block and the adjacent tanks and yield... CREATIVE MODE TANKS!!! XD


Thought I should share for it to get patched or smth... 

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wow, that is cheating, but i really like the glitch so thanks a lot, also i think they will get it fixed quickly, even if to get to the point of exploiting this you have already reached the end game, so having creative tanks is only granting a speed up for those who already spent a long time grinding to get the resources anyway.

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