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Transmutation Table


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Heyah guys! me again :D

Quick question about the transmutation table, i keep hearing it can do either matter or fuel, but I cant figure out how to change the mode of it, right now it says Transmutation No Lock at the top, and its never said anything else, I can copy diamonds, etc etc, but wont do anything with coal, or other fuels.

any suggestions ? :D


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oh ok so i'd need 2 tables ?

cause it says no lock on it now.. but only lets me do matter.

If you put matter in, you can only get matter out until you drain all the EMC from it. Same goes for Energy. But if you put a Klein Star in it'll absorb all the EMC, and if you take it out of the Transmutation table and put it back on you can use your EMC for either Energy or Matter.

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aye i wish i could kukka but still getting up and going :D

still having problems with transport pipes, we put world anchors in both spots to ensure it stays loaded, they connected for a short time then stopped, we checked both locations, the volcano still has lava and the pump is still down in it.

the pump teleport pipe is set to send, the one connected to the tanks and water proof pipes is set to receive, both on freq 10, yet both still show 0 as connected :(

not sure what the problem is

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