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Tekkit Server Not Working - Strange Error

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I have done everything as told specifically in this video:

And every time terminal comes up with this error:

Last login: Mon Sep  3 21:53:15 on ttys000

/Users/[b]CENSORED[/b]/Desktop/Tekkit_Server/start_tekkit_server.command ; exit;

Fritz-Family-Old-iMac-2:~ [b]CENSORED[/b]$ /Users/[b]CENSORED[/b]/Desktop/Tekkit_Server/start_tekkit_server.command ; exit;

-bash: /Users/[b]CENSORED[/b]/Desktop/Tekkit_Server/start_tekkit_server.command: /bin/bash^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory



[Process completed]

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You've copied these files from a windows system using something that has preserved the windows file endings.

Assuming OSX has sed then change to your desktop folder and run

sed -i s/\\r//g start_tekkit_server.command

If you've edited any other of the files on windows they will likely have the same problem

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