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lava storage facility and set up


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Heyah guys! me and a friend set up a lava storage area to store lava from multiple locations we pump in for use with the geo generators, but its not pulling lava out.

we have 1 teleport pipe feeding into the pipes from other sources, and 1 teleport pipe at the end of the chain connected to a pipe and the generator on the floor above

but for some reason it wont pull lava out of the tanks.

here are 3 screenshots from different angles.

hope someone can let me know what im doing wrong.





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#2 you have to connect the wooden pipe to the tanks you want to extract lava from, not to the teleport pipe

This is what you're doing wrong. You can't connect a wooden pipe anywhere and expect it to pull the lava, the wooden pipe has to be the first pipe on the tank that you want to suck lava from and has to have an engine attached to each wooden pipe.

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hm so if i wanted to set up a row of say, 10 tanks to store lava, or oil, i'd need to connect 1 wooden pipe, and 1 redstone engine to every single tank ? any way to chain them together ? like a wooden pipe connected to each 10 tanks, those wooden pipes connected together at the end with an engine connected to the final one ?

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