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Alternating Iron Pipe


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Me and my friend, at our base, have 2 nuclear reactors. We have a world anchor so everything runs when we are offline - alas, this means the nuclear reactors need to be refilled, so I came up with a system - before we leave, we put some refined uranium and cells in a chest - this pumps them into a automatic crafting table, making uranium cells. But the problem is giving the same amount of cells to each reactor - at the moment we just have 2 pipes coming out of the main pipe, which the items are coming from. My only idea is a iron pipe switching, from a redstone clock, but they are getting pumped out to fast. Any ideas?

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you could try RedPower filters, so it pulls out the empty cells when they are, herp derp, empty cells.

but if you so sure you want to use buildcraft, just stick a buildcraft pipe in the cross road and buildcraft will automatically split the items in half, half one way half the other.

let me know if you need more help i am willing to give it :D

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1. The Nuclear reactor consumes the cells

2. Buildcraft Advanced Wodern pipe pumps it out.

3. pipe it back in via chest.

if you want buildcraft to pump it in and out then you might have some problem with the cell going back into the other reactor, so maybe have 2 different piping systems for each reactor.


1 The Nuclear Reactor consumes the cells

2. filter notices that the cell is empty and ejects it to an adjacent pneumonic pipe or chest.

3. Pneumonic pipe with more FULL cells detects a free spot in the reactor and pipes the cell into the empty spot.

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