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  1. Love the mod, even more so the recipe balancing with Gregtech and IC2 and UE. Just 1 small request, Are you aware of the magnetic poles in IC2, well with iron boots you can fly up them, but power boots you can. Would you be so kind as to be able to make it so we can. Thanks
  2. If you are running Lion or later operating system, the best way to find your Library is to go into finder > at the top of the screen press Go while holding ALT/option > Library > Application Support > Minecraft/techniclauncher, if there is nothing there then you might want to check your system configuration because without knowing it you might have changed something
  3. sadly, Xylord is wrong on this. you can auto-craft quarries with buildcraft auto-crafting tables. if you have all items pump into a chest next to the auto-crafting table, then it will pull the non-stables from there and then pump it out with a wooden pipe then DONE, you have an auto quarry maker. simular can be done to make autocake farms, try making one of them. thats when the real fun begins
  4. I am not up to date on the latest mods running in tekkit, but if Mystcraft is installed then you can use that for mining and just every month regen the mystcraft age. then you also dont have massive quarry holes in the world
  5. yes, just because all that you can fit into your head is "he is too stupid" rather then getting it in your head that i am not just asking for it because of my lazy selfish needs, i am doing it to improve this thread.
  6. I was asking the uploader to upload a picture, it makes the thread to look nicer and easier for people to decide to download it or not. Just because english isnt my strong point doesnt mean i am dumb
  7. i do have half a brain cell thank you very much, some people can be so rude. It wouldnt have been hard just to say, there is screenshots in this other thread would it? and plus if you had of bothered to check your facts before posting you would have noticed that the thread and its infomation have been "nuked from obit" so there is no longer and screenshots
  8. Can we have a screenshot of the texture pack or do we have to download it and have it as a surprise when we do?
  9. well that great for you. happy coding :D
  10. nope, mine loads fine. do you have any sort of error log to show, you would not Believe how much they can help
  11. change the name of the Computercraft folder to ZComputercraft, it will cause it to load as the last file.
  12. I personally will not be installing this mod to my server but i can see the good side to it all. The Tekkit plugin i am looking for is one that can link fake players such as [buildcraft] to the player that placed the machine so that way they have the exact same permissions as the real player. PLUGINS DEVS GET ON IT :P
  13. 4j Studios does the XBox version. dont believe me, look here.
  14. Sorry to be the one to prove you wrong Jorcer but Mojang once said that they will EVENTUALLY add Mod Support for Xbox, but its not planned for anytime soon. Mojang dont directly code MC For Xbox but they do coordinate what goes in and happens.
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