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Energy Links and Industrial craft machines

The Duffman

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I'm trying to build a solar panel factory on a new world, and since the last one I made was when forestry was still around, I was wondering:

Is it possible to use energy links to extract material form machines like macerators and extractors using an energy link, in the same way that they do from chests or the way that steam/combustion engines will take material from machines?

Or an altogether alternative approach for automatically processing raw materials like ores and sap.

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Nope, you need an engine to pump stuff out.

I don't know what you're talking about. Energy links (when supplied with EU) are perfectly capable of pumping items out of machines using a wooden transport pipe.

Here's an example:


The energy links are the blocks under the wooden transport pipes.

But yes, as mentioned, RP tubes are smarter than BC pipes. Use each one as and when you deem fit, since they each have their own advantages.

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