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Can you Disable or Deny EE item abilities?


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I'm trying too ban the red matter tool abilities so its not used for griefs to bypass protections, I have seen it prevented before. I assume it was something to do with essentials as it said "You do not have enough perms for item 27573:41 (red morningstar)" Is there anyway I can do the same?

The plugins I currently have are PermissionsEX and ModifyWorld, I have seen people say you can disable it using these programs but I have yet to avail with it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm confused. You want people to still be able to craft the red matter tools, but not to have them actually do anything? Why would you want that? You're correct that setting it to 0 will make the item not able to be crafted or used at all. but I don't see why that's a problem?

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I want them to still be able to use red matter tools as normals ones (because its something to achieve and very fast at mining) Just hinder the right click effects that can bypass protections, I have seen it on a server before so it is possible.

People don't need to mine a block in 0.01 seconds instead of 0.012 seconds. Gimme a break.

However, if you absolutely insist, then I believe it is possible to configure EE so it uses a "fakeplayer", i.e. a pretend player that the server thinks is changing all the blocks. Then you can include that player in your permissions plugin, so that tools' abilities will not work in spawn, etc.

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