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Bukkit Plugin Problems

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Ok I need just a small bit of information. There are a few plugins that give me errors. I'm not sure which Snapshot Tekkit uses so I may have plugin versions that do not match the Snapshot. So pretty much some of the plugins just will not work. Here are my plugins;

AllPermissions-1.1 (have no idea how to use this stuff lol)

AutoHop (doesn't work for me)

HelupPlus (Works just fine)

Herobrine (doesn't work for me)

JukeBukkit (Not working and its complicated lol)

monsterrampage (doesn't work)

Pail (good to go I think)

PailPlus (also good)

PickupArrows (doesn't do shit)

QwickTree (doesn't work but I don't want it anyway, makes shit too easy)

ShelfStorage (haven't been able to test but I'll venture to say it says fuck you and doesn't work too)

Storm (doesn't even rain lol) I want acid rain goddamnit!!!!

WildBoars 1.3.2_4 *works but its just ridiculous lol, kinda neat though*


As you can see I like danger and survival hard-fuckin-core. I want to feel some kind of fear and I want monsters to rip my crappy shelter apart so I really have to turn up my defenses. I just need more danger in Minecraft. But anyway I digress, Thank you guys for reading my complaints and such. :)

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