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Transmutation tablet


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Heyah Folks, finally got my portable transmutation tablet, had a quick question, is there any way to sort through the list ? I just also recently got the alch tome and used it, so i have access to everything but.. well... how the heck do i sort through it all ? :D

also i just put down a dragon egg... oh goodie :D

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er... according to tekkit wiki the tome gives me access to every item with an emc value.


how do i SEE those items since it only has a limited amount of space on the right side of the GUI

only wayi 've found to shift the items around is to put something in the middle and it pops up different items.

is there some of kind of method to scroll through the other items etc ?

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Sorry about the big bump, but I've been wondering about this as well. I've tried to find mycelium after using my alchemical tome, but my page for 1 EMC items is full of leaves, grass, stone, and slabs... I'd really like to know is there is a way to switch to other items of that EMC value.

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