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On my server i have a few computers with monitors displaying rules and other stuff. I came on today to find that they where changed. The computers are surrounded in bedrock, behind the monitor (can only be reached by admin) and in our protected spawn? How could they have changed it!!?!?

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Probably several ways. One way I can think of is by having a turtle with preloaded programs on it move from outside the protected spawn up to the monitor under its own power.

Then, the hacker simply right clicks their turtle, and has it begin a program that uses the same monitor, and clears all your stuff off, then prints its own, etc.

The the turtle moves itself out of protected zone, and the player breaks it and walks off.

Computers will generally share a monitor every tick. Like for instance, try putting one computer under a monitor and running the star wars movie, then have another one on the left side run hello world. It will print "Hello World" right in the middle of the screen during the star wars movie.

So if you want to make your monitor harder to mess with, one thing you can try is making it so that your computer clears the monitor and sends a new copy of the same output to the monitor every single tick?

That way, people could still mess with it with a turtle, but the turtle would have to be currently attached to the monitor to do anything, which would be pretty obvious.

Also, you can turn on the fakePlayer option in ComputerCraft, and then make sure that the CC fakeplayer does not have permissions in spawn, which would prevent turtles from moving into that area.

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