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Crop environment scanner


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A scanner that is used by right clicking on a crop stick as you would with a hydration cell.

When clicked, the scanner will print text telling you the air quality, soil depth, hydration, fertilization, and light level.

An alternate mode could tell you what precisely is even growing in the crop, or possibly only display 'key words' or 'traits' to give you a hint of what it may need, but this would come at a much higher energy cost than simply scanning a seed bag that has been collected from a mature plant.

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I was thinking that, but that might be deemed as too overpowered, and would discourage experimentation.

One thing that is really missing though is knowing how good the environment is on a certain crop, you have no idea of what the actual air quality and nutrient levels are, or how much weed-ex a crop has.

Being able to scan a partially grown crop that's still in the stick, if possible, should probably require a fully charged energy crystal or somesuch.

Right now I have all these damned green colored reeds (sphax texture pack) that crossbred from stickreeds, have literally been there for 5 hours, one 4th have iron ore, another 4th have gold ore, another is left as is, and the other is under the light level of a redstone torch.... and still none of them have reached the final stage of growth.

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