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  1. The copper cable probably has some power loss, there, each packet has individual power loss, so each packet is losing some EU.
  2. Should also have some conditionals in there that 640 < S < 1152.
  3. If you install Forge, you don't need Modloader, with some mod exceptions (BTW, Swords++ and most jar mods).
  4. charcharmunro


    I believe 8 cookies did heal the same as one porkchop, though it may have been about half a heart off.
  5. This is a thread for requesting mods be made, not suggesting mods to be added to either of the packs.
  6. Still EMC duplication there. Take cobble. Cut into pieces, transmute.
  7. Hm. Maybe this is how you get the bedrock in the Feed The Beast map.
  8. Considering "jakj" stands for "John Anthony Kazos Jr.", according to the Youtube channel...
  9. And on the topic of base class edits, mods that use Forge tend to not have those as Forge functions as an API for those mods, hence why Forge edits all (?) the base classes on its own. This is sort of why FC made it intentionally not work with Forge, because incompatibility.
  10. Is it a bad thing that my first thought was to post what Jay? did?
  11. The only possible time BTW will be compatible with Forge mods will be when the mod API comes out. Maybe.
  12. Actually, TerraFirmaCraft is compatible with a lot, it just makes a lot inaccessible if they ever use iron at all.
  13. charcharmunro

    EMC Pipes

    He means over more than a one-block distance. Relays can't dump EMC into adjacent Relays.
  14. Are you applying a redstone signal to the energy store? That flips it to output energy and not receive any.
  15. Is it still in 1.2.3? If so, it probably didn't update.
  16. Well, if you're using a wooden conductive pipe... Don't.
  17. I suppose one question would be "How well would it work with blocks added by mods?".
  18. Are you using waterproof pipes?
  19. ...Okay, yeah, it doesn't seem to do anything besides check if there is something in the two slots, and make stained glass based on the metadata of the item in the bottom.
  20. Yeah, it seems more like it checks the metadata, not if it's glass or a dye or anything. So I can make pink glass with wood and a sword.
  21. Either this is a bug or I'm missing something, but when you put glass on the bottom and the dye on the top, you get black glass. There's also the thing where it seems to work with anything with the colour in the name, rather than just the dye itself... So I made cyan stained glass with cyan stained glass. Actually, it seems to work with anything, just if the combination doesn't work, it makes black glass, regardless of what's in... And then I got pink glass from cyan wool and cyan wool... I think something's a bit funky here.
  22. Secret Rooms mod already has something like that, Elmarko.
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