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  1. Anyone still have a save that they can re-upload (including OP) the links are broken and I wanted to give this a go again.
  2. It's been in rei's since forever. where it says "render type" click where is says surface until it says biome. on another note, plasmarf, is it okay to make a void age in the map?
  3. use rei minimap's biomes setting to find the biomes needed. (perhaps plasmarf could make some custom biomes for wisps here and there?) fire wisps - deserts water wisps - anything cold, oceans, rivers, etc. earthen - forest and taiga vaporous - plains pure - mushroom island and pretty much everywhere (pretty rare, though) taint - wisps in a tainted area have a chance to be tainted. also, you could get the creative notebook and write a void age with those biomes. I'm sure that would be okay as the only resources you acquire is one block of stone.
  4. Okay, I've discovered pam's mod is really pointless. yes, there's dozens of new crops, but the vast majority of it is to make ridiculous and complicated food items. some of which actually require you to mine some sort of ore like salt. I'm never really pressedfor food in minecraft, so all those crops would just be sitting around useless. at least in xycraft, the crops have alternative uses to food.
  5. I'd love to test this. could you PM me a download link please? also, if you need a coder, I'm fairly decent at lua, and can write some computercraft stuff for you.
  6. if you try it on tekkit, it completely and utterly breaks down. soltaro should make a tekkit version. this seems so much more useful in SMP.
  7. I recently became proficient in the lua programming language, and am available for any coding someone may need for a map or server or whatever.
  8. just saying, it's balkon, not balkoon. anyways, 64x is my favourite texture resolution. it's a good balance between FPS and image resolution.
  9. one thing that interests me about minecraft is everyone has their own ign, and can make a world using that ign. everyone has a world, just for them, that is only accessible with the biggest case of dumb luck ever or by using their IGN. I want everyone to post what kind of world your IGN creates. be as descriptive as possible, and if possible, post pictures. I'll start as an example: the seed goreae spawns you on a small cluster of forested islands with a half ring of land around it. it's a pretty cool formation on a map. there are plenty of forests, jungles, and taiga biomes in it, with a couple of extreme hills. there are also a couple of plains biomes if you need flat land to build in. one of the plains is to the southwest, where there is also a village. behind the village is a jungle. the village has a library, but no forge. imgur album here. the first image is screwed up, but it's fine if you click the gear then view at full resolution.
  10. I think the term is time consuming. time passing doesn't make sense. as a reply to your comment, yes, yes it is. it is very time consuming. especially if you take it slow.
  11. the link on the MC forum post still works
  12. I've seen smaller. I once found one with only a church, a well, and either one farm, no farms, or a double farm. I can't remember.
  13. the point is to either get one of the pre-made packs or put the mod textures into your custom dokucraft pack.
  14. yes you can. in fact it's possible to not give the player iron or gold whatsoever, just tin and clay.
  15. yeah, I've seen videos on terrafirmacraft, and it's too much of a full-game conversion for my tastes. I'd use it on its own, but not with anything else really. It would dominate over all of the other mods, making it so I forget there's any other mods installed until I see a beehive or a rubber tree. it's a good suggestion, and a great mod, but it's too much for the pack.
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