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  1. Awww i would LOVE to have mystcraft xD EDIT: There is a problum, transumtation tablets and learnings are regested by player names. in other words, that tablet's information is only accessible by YOU. I have 0 EMC and nothing taught beacuse of this.
  2. The transformers might need a little work, but looks awesome! Downloading!
  3. Hard to find 16 x 16 these days... i like it!
  4. Potatoes are yummy, deal with it

  5. Herp derp i failed, another crosswire, the explosion is supposed to cut off a certin wire in the machine, but the crosswire prvented it from working Updated the download so it works now.
  6. F2 In game, files appear in screen shots folder upload it to something like imager.com, go to the screen shot, right click it and click on "Copy Picture URL" Then, in your forum post type in: [img width=800]http://Your image link here
  7. Fixed, re-download if you want to fix it (You will have to start over if you choose to do this, sorry :/)
  8. Microsoft? Notch? Intel? I didnt use any of theese peoples ideas.
  9. I AM IN THE PROSESS OF UPDATEING THIS, IT MAY TAKE A BIT This map is inspired by slowpoke's Feed the Feast and Vech's CTM. It is a tekkit (multi-player, but only for co-op) map that gives you few resorses and you must submit items into the machine in the center of the map. If you submit items it will give other items back out, as a reward. To beat the game, all the items must be submitted. There is ONE hidden chest, no more. Here is a hint if you get stuck: SPOILER ALERT: To get iron, you must go to the nether and spawn a mob to give you an item to turn into iron. Screenshots: Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/42160855/Minecraft map/Tekkit download.rar
  10. Seed: -3981167267624141990 (Just copy and paste it O_o) Not far from the spawn, you get a REALLY small village, with only 3 villagers! [img width=800]
  11. IS it or tekkit or technic?
  12. I like the idea. I think you should go and use xxmikegigsxx's city
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