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  1. The Curse Minecraft Forums is legible and well designed to reduce eye strain.
  2. I started back in 1.4 with Mo' Creatures, Better then Wolves, and wireless redstone. I believe beds were around by then. I went to sleep, only to awaken to my entire fortress consumed by an Ogre. It took me, literally months to build. I have a tiny hole in my heart from that moment. And I hope whomever created Mo' Creatures, with it's random high texture creatures, to it's random low texture creatures, that he/she may rot in their own special hell, where he/she will be forced to build a brick wall, and every day, they'll wake up, and do it again. Forever.
  3. Fiv on le spt chack, I horbly to qate yer poost as fumbly on keybord one no wrthng thes post
  4. Starfarer Is a very fun game, it is like a combination between SPAZ, EV Nova, and Mount and Blade. Then there is Legend of Grimrock A very fun dungeon crawler with a modern twist. That's is what I'm playing right now, anyway.
  5. Roll for Initiative! Thirteen, I successfully create this thread without any complications.
  6. It is sad that I do not know your age.* Regardless of that it would probably be a wise idea to get a car if you are not in a financially secure family. I made that mistake, and I have this awesome rig sitting next to me left leg. However, biking two miles every day certainly does keep me in shape, I'd much rather drive two miles a day back and forth to my current place of work. /rant Otherwise, Build the rig yourself, unless you have friends to help you build it. It may be, and look easy int he end, but it's always better to have some outside help. Now, of course, if you don't have outside help, as I did not either, I purchased my rig from here, and was very satisfied with my purchase. Lastly, I do not believe they do anything out of the United States of Plutocracy, as the giant sign on their door step that is in red white and blue with stars seems to indicate. I'm sorry I could be of no further help. * Edit, Reason; Added a period here.
  7. Well, I'm terribly sorry that I have an opinion. I respect that you have yours, but I'm allowed to say mine, as are you.
  8. The 360 version of Minecraft is complete and utter boring. Crafting is tedious, what takes me a mere five seconds with a mouse, took me at least a minute with the controller. Not to mention, they reversed the controls, right mines block, left uses item? Surely they've never played this game for the computer, right mines block, left uses item. Very simple logic, but it just doesn't seem to find itself in there. As my friend from college explains, "It's much more polished, no bugs, no crashes, no memory issues, PC minecraft is just the testing ground for the console now." This man* received a good stern verbal punishment from me, but he doesn't listen, this is the man who uses a controller to play computer games, madness All in all the console version was just to make an absurd amount of money, and guess what? It did, what a surprise, what a surprise. * Edit, Reason; replaced "made" with "mad".
  9. I'm trying, I understand that It's not the best. I don't advertise it to be, personally just enjoy looking and sounding like I put effort into my words.
  10. I said it myself, I'm not better then your run of the mill shitposter, I merely have found a way around my poor habits. Thanks for the proofread, I *sometimes don't catch things like that! * Edit, Reason; changed the "c" to an "s"
  11. I never intended upon this becoming something important, I merely wanted to express my own success on the forums. I am no better then your average shit-poster at heart, but I've acquired a means of presenting my posts in a manner* of which they look, act, and perceive to be not of a shitpost like nature. * Edit, Reason; changed "Manor" to Manner" thanks!
  12. Rule #1 - Read All of the Global Rules. Like These Rules Here. Doesn't matter what these rules include, even if you think it's silly, there is a time and a place to break them, and that doesn't mean it's all the time, context. Rule #2 - Read All of the Stickied Threads. Some that should be read first; [1] [2] [3] [4] Again, it doesn't matter if they want you to write all of your posts backwards while balancing a glass of milk on your head, they act as the specific board rules. Rule #3 - Acquire decent grammatical skills. This should be obvious, but capitalization or punctuation is small, but very important, there is a reason why it was created. Use It. Examples Shown below; How not to post: " i was wonderin when tehki is updated plz reply " How to successfully post: " Look at this amazing factory I built in Technic! " Rule #4 - Use a Thesaurus. Seriously, use one of these, it will help you out infinity when posting on a forums. Examples Shown Below; Average Shitpost: " Lol your a homofag " Now, how can we improve this to be a moderately acceptable post? Quality, But Borderline Shitpost: " The post above me is that of homosexual nature, I simply cannot agree with such claims. " Perhaps it really comes down to, "How would a pretentious British chav rewrite my post?" More Examples Shown Below; " what did i just read " / " What in the world is this man trying to explain? It's pure insane rabble! " " Technic isn't working why won't you fix it!? " / " The Technic pack is not working to satisfactory, could I inquire that you fix such errors? " Rule #5 - Kiss Those Moderator Asses. Again, as with the other rules discussed, it doesn't matter if you detest the administration with all of your ever loving heart, you do as they say. Have you ever had to get a job? Probably not, or else you'd understand, the Boss, is, le Boss, he/she governs the place, and you do as they please, or else. It's the same thing, in the end. Don't get on their bad side, this will gain you nothing. Visual Representation; Rule #6 - Be Polite to everyone. When posting on a forums, it's important to remember that the other posters are people too. One could say, Do nice things, and good things will happen to you, but this isn't magic we're talking about here, this is a simple cause and effect! Let me explain. When you are polite and courteous of the members of the forum that you are posting in, there is a good chance they'll be polite and courteous right back! On the other hand, if you're being a " bag of dickweasels " it is assumed another posted will respond in a similar manner as he's now upset at your posts.
  13. Is Magic a game? Why sure it is. I just recently devised a new deck, and am making a proxy for it using old literally worthless Pokemon cards and penny sleeves, it's going to be very fun to play if I don't say so myself. Artifacts, Artifacts, oh, and more Artifacts! I love the things, can't get enough of them. http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/darksteel-juggernaut-snowball-with-myrs/
  14. Bro fists for thine remembers the amazing game which was Marine Wars.
  15. I just realized we have seemingly taken a thread that was about asking a simple Dorf Fortess question, and have turned it into Dorf Fortess General.
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