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thermal monitors don't work on multiplayer??


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hey there guys!

was playing on my little server earlier and was setting up a reactor, was trying to add a failsafe to warn me and turn it off but when the temperature goes past the temp set on the monitors it dose nothing, no red light and no redstone signal. i just tryed the same setup on single player and it worked fine! is there a special setting somewhere for them?

remote ones don't work either.... the progress temp bar lights up but when it gets to the top nuthin....

EDIT: i have the latest tekkit rb on server and client.

thanks for your help!

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Probably a stupid question, but are you placing the thermal monitor directly on either the nuclear reactor or the reactor chambers? I've been noticing people saying "thermal monitor isn't working" and see in their screenshot/video that they haven't placed it directly on the reactor chambers. Not saying thats your problem, but just checking.

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