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  1. Some related posts. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/220-000-eu-tick-kills-quantum-armor-instantly.27472/#post-220886 http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/cheap-refined-quantum-armor-killing-machine.27664/
  2. No sweat, sorry I suck at programming and couldn't be of more help. Hope you figure it out.
  3. The best place to get the help you need would be the computercraft forums. http://www.computercraft.info/forums2/ Good luck! :)
  4. Probably a stupid question, but are you placing the thermal monitor directly on either the nuclear reactor or the reactor chambers? I've been noticing people saying "thermal monitor isn't working" and see in their screenshot/video that they haven't placed it directly on the reactor chambers. Not saying thats your problem, but just checking.
  5. because hes spamming every thread lol
  6. I totally agree with you, I would love to play "with" people doing like some of the new plant type things (crossbreeding) and the beer mod, ooo and I've been working on making a pop-up house using redstone frame motors. And I would love to try and figure out some of the forestry stuff (not sure if forestry is still apart of tekkit). Well... if you find something like this maybe you could send me a message or something? I dunno, I hope you find what your looking for. Good luck!
  7. Ya, diamond pipe works best at T intersections or more.
  8. in the server.properties file check and tell me what your "server-ip=" is, wait.... not trying to get your ip, but if your using the wrong ip it sometimes comes back with a port being used error. If your just playing LAN you want to use your local ip example. vs using your Internet ip. If you aren't playing LAN, you have to use your internet ip, it can be found by googling "whats my ip", then you need to port forward your minecraft port. DONT post your real IP address here. (To find out your local ip address, click "start" and type "cmd" it will bring up a dos command prompt, then
  9. Actually you can still play tekkit ssp, tho I dont know why you would. Yea i guess so, I didnt think of that.
  10. http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=2963
  11. Backup any world saves you might have on technic or tekkit, start your launcher, click "options" at the login screen, and select "clear cache" then when you go back into tekkit it will ask to update, select yes, and this should fix any problems your having. Hope this helps, good luck!
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