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[3.1.2] Arctic-Crafters [Pvp / Pve Worlds] [50 Slot] [Open] [Factions, Multiverse, Iconomy]


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Our new Tekkit Survival server is now open to the public!

Welcome, hop on the server and see if you like us.

To get on this server go in to your tekkit options in the launcher options menu and select Development build hope you enjoy the server.

Tekkit Download - http://www.technicpack.net/

Server I.p -

Teamspeak 3 Server -

Youtube Account - http://www.youtube.c...D?feature=watch


A little about the server -

We are trying to achieve a really high standard for players to be able to come and enjoy a tekkit experience like no other. We have not been running too long but have so far built a few great cities and much more cool machinery. We are hoping to get Arctic-Crafters moving in the direction of a gaming community.


Server Info:

Spawn City Is Now Open! Come on and check out everything new!

Our New Multiverse Pvp World Is Now Open!

(Cash Prize Events Will Be Starting Up Again Soon!)

The Arctic-Crafters Pit Frenzy Arena Is Now Open! Come On And Check It Out!

(This is an amazing 1v1 arena to spend time with a pal or some watch some skill!)


We have World Guard and Lwc so our players have the safest playing environment we can provide. Auto-Rank alongside with Buy-craft will give u the most out of our server weather u want to buy a rank or play for ranks each one gives you more and more commands.

Our kind staff are dedicated to offer you the help and support you need to enjoy the game. We hope the people that join our server are as much into building great structures and machines as we are! Time to time community events also happen

At Arctic Craft we utilise powerful hardware in order to make sure that there will be no interruptions for you as a player. Everything runs on dedicated hardware which gives us full control and a more predictable environment. With top-tier bandwidth providers our server stays up 99.9% - and without any lag 24/7.

White list info - This server has NO white list by default. If the server is showing white list, then it is because it's down for essential maintenance or we need to fix something. Please do not ask to be added to the white list, Thanks.

Added Pluggins On The Server:

  • Essentials
  • Group Manager
  • Factions
  • Multi-verse
  • Iconomy
  • Chest Shop
  • McMMO
  • World Guard
  • Log-Block
  • LWC
  • Auto-Rank
  • Buy-Craft



1 - Treat your fellow crafter the way your want to be treated

2 - Dont disrespect any members of staff

3 - Do not ask any moderators for items! you wil be ignored.

4 - No griefing or stealing

5 - Dont abuse gliches or bugs

6 - Dont use hax or x-ray texture packs

7 - Dont ask for ranks ingame! we have a website for that.

8 - no excessive caps cursing or spam

9 - Please use levers and turn off all your machines if you arent online, this keeps the world less laggy so we can all have fun.

* Now Hiring New Staff - Places for Mods / Admins are now available *

- Please Fill Out An Application In The Following Format -

Why do you want to be a Moderator/Admin?

How many hours per week you think you can dedicate to the server?

What experience do you have?

What is your location?

What is your age?


Banned item list - Alpha version.

*=extra message

  • no place (TNT) *needed to make oil fabricator
  • no craft (Nova Catalyst) *griefing tool
  • no craft (Nova Cataclysm) *griefing tool
  • no craft (Nuke) *griefing tool
  • no craft (Industrial TNT) *griefing tool
  • no craft (TNT cart) *griefing tool
  • no craft (Destruction Catalyst) *griefing tool
  • no craft (Dark Matter Hammer) *griefing tool
  • no craft (Red Matter Hammer) *griefing tool
  • no hold (Zero Ring) *snow spam
  • no hold (Ring of Ignition) *fire spam
  • no hold (Ring of Arcrana) *snow,fire, or thunder spam
  • no craft (Dynamite) *griefing tool
  • no hold (Evertide Amulet) *water spam
  • no hold (Volcanite Amulet) *lava spam
  • no craft (World Anchor) *keeps chunks loaded while players arent online which adds lag
  • no craft Dimension Anchor *keeps chunks loaded while players arent online which adds lag
  • no hold (Philosoper's Stone) *sand grief that ignores world guard/faction protection




HOPE TO SEE YOU ON THE SERVER SOON 2012_09_08_17_37_27.png

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- Please Fill Out An Application In The Following Format -

Why do you want to be a Moderator/Admin?I want to be a mod because i think this server needs a bit more mods and admins and i could really help this server by getting more people on it if needed stop griefing and more

How many hours per week you think you can dedicate to the server? 4:00 to 5:30 and 6:00 to 9:00 all in the afternoon

What experience do you have?I a have tons of experience i have made op plenty of times on differnt servers to i do know just about every command

What is your location?Virginia Beach

What is your age?13

in game name:vbshane757

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Application for a Staff Position by basti78 :

Why do you want to be a Moderator/Admin?

I realy enjoy it to help people, and this server really needs some more Ops. I also have What also would be a great addidion is that i live in Europe, wich would make the server more accesible to european players, as i think you guys are probably mostly americans/canadians.

How many hours per week you think you can dedicate to the server?

I am realy enyoing this server, so i think i'll be on quite much/ish

Monday - Friday at least ca. 3 hours

Saturday - Sunday at least 5-6 hours

What experience do you have?

I have been a Moderator on a few servers for quite some time, and not so long ago i was running my own server. It was medium sized, about 20 active people, was quite the stress some times, but really enjoyed it. Personally i think i have quite some experience on being a Mod etc. on Minecraft.

What is your location?

I live in Switzerland, wich is in Europe.

Time Zone : GMT+1

What is your age?

I am currently 16 years old.

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My name is Aaron, or Deleta in game, and I am currently applying for the Mod/Admin position on the server. I have currently logged approximately 4-7 hours on the server now and have set up shop with some of my friends I brought along with me. I believe that by making me a moderator/administrator it will benefit your server in several ways; I have extremely strong personal/people skills and I strongly believe that having good relationships with other players/peers is one of the best ways to increase the positive outlook of your server. I have 10 years of experience with customer services and I try to go out of my way to help newer players and sometimes just give a helping hand in building fun and creative structures. I also believe that by adding me as a mod/admin it will help increase the amount of time that a mod/admin will be present on a server and in turn that leads to stronger communication/relationships between existing/new members who may need help with the game. And lastly I believe that my making me a mod/admin would be a good choice because I am a terribly fun person to be around! (And I know how to spell, always a bonus!)

Currently I am a College student so I don't have many classes but homework is an issue, I usually have 10-30 hours of it a week so realistically I may only be able to put in 5-20 hours a week, depending of course on work load and sleep schedule. But usually I can pop on for an hour or two in the breaks between my classes.

I have currently been an Admin on two servers, both which have closed due to funding. I have also been a moderator on many different forums/chat rooms.

Current area of Residence: Can-eh-duh

DOB: 05/92

IGN: Deleta

I currently can be reached on Skype (timespore) or teamspeak or email if this goes well, and I thank you for your time in reading this application.

Thanks again,


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- Please Fill Out An Application In The Following Format -

Why do you want to be a Moderator/Admin?

to help the server. build amazing items. stop griefers.

How many hours per week you think you can dedicate to the server?

7 days a week 4 hours a day on week days weekends whenever

What experience do you have?

i have built two websites for servers if you want one i am mod of 6 servers admin on 3 and co owner on 2 playin mc for 3 years and tekkit for 3 months

What is your location?

USA dallas texas

What is your age?

15 turn 16 in 2 months

extra: i have a skype add me at karma_is_a_b

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Please remember guys to turn off your machines when u log off, last night we had really bad problems due to too many enterties been produced in certain chunk area, this has resulted in that entire area been edited out. Please respect the rules and other players by following them. Also if your not sure about a machine set up please ask fellow crafters or staff members.

Thanks A-C

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