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Gem armour not working properly


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On my server I'm finally making the Gem armour from EE, but some of it doesn't work properly.

The explosion and the fire resistance of the chestplate work fine, but the movement abilities of the boots aren't working properly (Yes, i have turned them on). When i hold space, i rise up into the air very slowly, but after about 3 blocks i can't fly any more and slowly go down. The sprint ability doesn't work at all.

I've heard of people having similar problems before, but i can't find a solution anywhere. Any ideas?

I have gem armour enabled in the config, and flying is enabled on the server

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The gravity greaves still have the wrong skin, like red matter greaves, in that they appear to be boot liners or socks instead of pants or leggings. In other words, your legs are bare and any other boots you put on go over the greaves boot liners.

But for some reason I cannot even craft hurricane boots. Red matter boots, fully charged Klein Star Omega, and 2 Swiftwolf's Rending Gale rings per http://equivalentexchange.wikispaces.com/Gem+Armor does not craft anything (remains blank on right).

So I wear abyss helmet and infernal armor chestplate, with black matter greaves and boots. With Swiftwolf's ring I can still fly, not take fall damage, and turn on a hostile mob force field around me, not to mention lightning bolting mobs when raining/snowing.

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