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  1. Note that many routers do not do loopback [LAN2LAN via WAN (public) IP], to avoid IP spoofing attacks I guess. First make sure that in server.property file server-ip= is blank (nothing at all), so it can bind to ANY IP on the server. Then make sure that you can connect to the server from another computer on your LAN (local) network using the LAN IP of your server. If that fails, port forwarding is not going to work (maybe firewall on server is blocking). Then assuming that you properly forwarded TCP port 25565 (I don't think UDP matters) to the LAN IP of your server: Go to canyouseeme.org and see if the IP it shows for you agrees with the public IP you have from comcast and whether that site shows port 25565 open when you check it.
  2. The harvester at ground level automatically leaves the ground level sugar cane and only harvests what grows above that. That is why it does not need a harvester. You manually plant it once, and then just auto harvest it. Yes, I mean't planter in 2nd sentence.
  3. The planter/harvester should work with mixed trees, including mixed sapling colors. I used to auto harvest mixed colored trees on my tech center roof (now just netherwarts on soul sand for biofuel). So maybe the problem was tilled soil and/or other types of crops. Trees normally grow on normal dirt or grass blocks. They should even grow normally in a desert biome as long as the sapling is on a dirt block.
  4. The glowstone Galacticraft torches you craft should work for some light, but for some reason the Galacticraft torches you find in moon villages seem to be fizzled out like regular torches in 1.2.9e. Night vision helps a lot. I have not tested regular torches in an oxygen bubble. If you have mystcraft books you can use those to go back and forth to the moon once you get there. It is strange that trees and wheat grow with no atmosphere, but that gives you something to gather oxygen from. I have not figured out how long the lunar day or night are (longer than MC days of course), or if you can tell when it is light there from the phase of the moon. It is much easier to move around on the surface during the lunar day. I did not realize there were mobs on the moon until I explored underground (and nightfall). To progress you not only need to gather meteorites, but also find plans in a moon dungeon. It helps to have a jetpack not only to escape mobs during the lunar night, but also because I believe entrances to moon dungeons are a deep shaft with what looks like some sort of brick at the bottom. Although, I have not fully explored that yet. When you find something similar on Mars, there is a 3 headed creeper boss somewhere down there that throws tnt at you.
  5. Farther down on https://sites.google.com/a/elinemedia.com/qcraft/wiki/qcraft/blocks-and-items explains how to make qcraft portals. Note that they can only go to the same dimension and both portals must be placed in same compass direction (they do not need to face each other, just same compass direction, assuming that the observation dependent blocks were made with gold on the sides you would enter portal from). In one case I put the gold and obsidian blocks on the wrong sides of some of the blocks, so had to destroy those ODB blocks and remake them correctly. They can also go to a different server if configured on both servers, but I have not tried that. If the ice block melts that portal deactivates, but you can still teleport from another portal to that portal. In one case I could not figure out why the ice was melting, so I put glass panels around the ice and above it so I could put cryo gel above it. The ice would still melt at times, but then refreeze. The portal would deactivate while the ice was water. I could still teleport to the portal. But for return just had to make sure the ice was frozen and reactivate the portal.
  6. I tested Tesseracts in 1.2.9e and there was no loss at all. I was repeatedly able to fully charge a redstone energy cell from a fully charged energy cell on the other Tesseract, then fully charge back the other way several times without adding any energy.
  7. Why not control it from level of buffer in the reactor (redstone port)? When that accumulates power any energy cells attached are fully charged. At first I was pulsing my reactor using mechanical timer and state cell, so when power was needed each pulse would produce power with good efficiency while keeping the temperature down and it would stop when there was a certain amount of power in reactor buffer. Then I rigged up something, so if buffered power dropped below a lower level it would run longer to a higher temperature. But the clickity click was annoying, so then I started looking at rednet PRC which has many options you can combine with AND or OR and can pulse or run the reactor silently. For example you can run it if buffer is below x AND (temperature is below t OR square wave pulse). Then if it kicks out on temperature the pulse allows it to cool some while maintaining more stable power than if it dropped out altogether on temperature only. But you may want to experiment using the square wave to trigger a pulse with pulse lengthener if the square wave on/off cycle does alone not quite have the desired affect. I still use rednet PRC to control a small (big) reactor that feeds a 20K+ RF/t turbine. But since options are limited for sensing/controlling a turbine, I now use a CC PC to control steam feed to a turbine based on energy cell storage sensed by wired modems. There is also CC redstone output to turn the tesseract on once there is enough energy storage to keep a laser drill running while the turbine is getting up to speed. Of course CC programming is a bit more complicated, especially if you want a nice color display to monitor everything.
  8. When I made quarries early on, I built them underground to not scar the landscape, especially if mining from about level 30-32 down in extreme hills to get emeralds (and diamonds, redstone, etc.). If you can get hold of a bucket of cryo gel and bucket of lava there is a way to make infinite obsidian and cobble (using block breakers or terrain smashers). The cobble can be compressed enough times to give it high enough EMC to use it to make minium stones. And the obsidian can be turned into more diamonds than it takes make minium stones to do that. But before I discovered that I put an enderthermic pump in the nether, and from the lava made obsidian (igneous extruder and aqueuos accumulator), which using cyclic assemblers can make iron ingots, iron blocks, gold blocks, diamond blocks. The obsidian to iron part consumes the most minium stones, but no where near as much as the diamonds you end up with. Of course that is all moot once you get a laser drill up and running.
  9. How are you launching the server, because that is what would be generating the ores (or not if running the wrong jar).
  10. Dimensional Doors is different, but usually not too bad as long as you do NOT hit the respawn button when you die (which loses all your stuff). If you wait instead, you go to limbo and keep your stuff. When you find what looks like a dark red pool down low that returns you to the overworld, you may return far from home (especially if not doing that promptly before the monoliths transport you again). Make sure you have tools at the ready. In one case when I returned to the overworld in a jungle, I started suffocating and had to break out. I don't really know if I was suffocating due to low overhead leaves or if I was half stuck in the ground due to the overhead leaves. So even if you make it through limbo, there is a risk that you can die when or after returning to the overworld if not prepared. A mob grinder chamber (especially for auto spawner) should probably have an interior at least 7x7x5 high with 4 grinders on perimeter spaced to cover the 7x7 area (no conveyors needed). Then you can even spawn a ghast (if you captured one in safari net), although, its tentacles will hang through the floor because its main body is 4 blocks high. Some auto spawned mobs can still glitch through the floor if open underneath for connecting everything, so have some way to contain them. Ethereal glass is good for an entrance to manually fight mobs, because when using a regular door and taunting pig zombies, they followed me out the door. And after killing me I saw one of them walking off in my powersuit (recovered some distance away from the rest of my stuff after respawning).
  11. Slimenume your "blacklist" on the fluid transposer should be a "whitelist". Or more simply: Magma crucible: whitelist redstone and enderpearls Fluid transposer: blacklist redstone and enderpearls (in other words accept anything except those).
  12. I feed the ME interface into a chest where itemduct with pneumatic servos (whitelist or blacklist) on inputs to magma crucible and fluid transposer to direct proper items to each. Pneumatic servos can also limit how many items are passed through an itemduct at a time. Itemduct on output of fluid transposer feeds back to the ME interface.
  13. And if you use a multimeter on a conduit that is supplied with power, but nothing using power through that section, it will just say something like "Network saturated".
  14. Perhaps you did not notice the typo: local reactor = peripheral.warp("back") should be local reactor = peripheral.wrap("back") And "x" should either be a value or assigned a value before: reactor.setAllControlRodLevels(x) BTW I use 0% control rod settings. Instead I pulse the reactor off with rednet PRC whenever it gets too hot. Although, that is difficult to explain. It is a combination of ON when temperature below x OR square wave single pulse (which runs it cooler than steady state, but does not drop it out as long as kicking it out on temperature alone, so it runs steadier without such wide swings). And it gets a bit more complicated than that on an oversize or passive reactor. But it runs higher efficiency than cranking in fuel rods.
  15. I run my base with ME network (incl. Quantum Bridge and MAC) with 6 to 8 biofuel generators (6 is likely enough) and a pocket dimension on the other end of Quantum Bridge where I have a majority of my TE and Galacticraft machines likewise powered by 6 biofuel generators (fed by endertanks). The only biomass I need to keep both supplied is a single biofuel reactor and patch of netherwarts. The harvester typically uses iron upgrade, but sometimes tin upgrade if my biofuel storage (in fluid cell) starts decreasing (planter has higher upgrade to work either way). It is self sustaining with minor adjustments to that one crop and I have 65 drums of biofuel in stock besides the ave. 3 Kbuckets in the fluid cell, so I have not even played with maximizing biofuel output. Laser drill is separately powered by either 20+K RF/t turbine with small reactor, or less efficiently by just a passive reactor I had before that. At one point I tried powering just 1 laser precharger with biofuel generators, but did not have enough of them at the time.
  16. Have you installed Java? If you have 64-bit Windows 8 (typically if your computer came with 4 GB or more) make sure you end up with 64-bit Java (allows you to use more RAM than 32-bit). Also from what I read somewhere about minecraft, I think that Java programs (like the launcher and minecraft) only run in the Win7 like "desktop", not in the Metro phone like big icon mode. I did run minecraft (not tekkit) in a 64-bit Windows 8.1 work computer (Lenovo all-in-one, after hours) just to see what it would do, and it worked even with Intel integrated graphics. Although, any other graphics (ATI or Nvidia) is very likely, much faster. But I mostly run 64-bit Linux at home (on it now).
  17. A Quantum Bridge goes any distance (and between dimensions), but I imagine the chunk(s) your main ME network is in need to be loaded (mine is, so not sure if that is required). 4 biofuel generators did not seem to be enough to power a remote Quantum Bridge, but 6 power that and TE/Galactricraft machines in a pocket dimension (fed by endertank from main base), and before that at a remote autospawner I built, just to access stuff from my ME network while building it. The autospawner has a separate small ME network to collect drops and mob essence from grinders in the autospawner and another chamber with vanilla skeleton spawner (relocated using spatial storage) and cursed earth. A patch of netherworts on my roof keep me supplied with enough biofuel to power my base and the pocket dimension (other than laser drill which is powered by reactor/20K steam turbine).
  18. Could it be that the moon day/night cycle is about 30 MC days, sort of like real life. I recently got to the moon myself and it was daylight when I arrived. I did not even notice the hostile mobs there until I went underground, and later nightfall on the surface. I am powering oxygen collectors and bubble thing with redstone energy cell for now, but will not know if or how solar can charge that until I can figure out when it is daylight on the moon. It was dark when I visited it several times with a linking book. I am guessing that can be determined by the phase of the moon, but that may depend upon where you are on the surface. Certainly it would be daylight on the moon during full moon, since you can see earth from there. I am also curious if meteorites are dynamic (more falling over time) because I found a meteorite in a crater with broken block entities lying around (like when there is a creeper explosion). I am the only person who has been on the moon on that server except someone who tp'd to me (without oxygen gear) while I was there the first time. I did find a moon village and what I think is a dungeon down a deep hole (looks like vanilla chest guarded by creeper and double bow skeleton), but it was night, so I just marked waypoints (using MapWriter included with opis instead of Rei's Minimap) and got out of there.
  19. That is what I do with CC computer directly on turbine port (advanced monitor adjacent) to control steam flow to crank a turbine full bore until up to speed (1800 rpm) then control steam flow based on energy cell level on turbine power ports to just produce required power. I use wired modems to reactor computer port to monitor fuel and case temperature (reactor is actually controlled by rednet PRC), to each of 4 energy cells to monitor total stored energy, and redstone output to control tesseract for laser drill once there is enough stored energy to sustain that as turbine winds up. So the turbine winds up to over 20K RF/t until a certain amount of energy storage (50%), kicks on the tesseract, then modulates steam for 20K RF/t (just under that when all cells fully charged or turbine energy buffer begins to fill). I don't think there is any way to use "wireless" modem directly on reactor computer port because there would be no way to set a channel.
  20. So many things changed from the 1.1.x version that it could be tough to convert. There are multiple types of energy cells and portable tanks, and single tesseracts can do everything now instead of needing separate ones for energy, items, and fluids. In some cases of minor changes if you still had the items in your inventory you could put them in a crafting bench and they would update to the new versions. BC "engines" no longer power TE machines. Use "dynamos" instead until you have resources for a Big Reactor or something. I actually use a number of biofuel generators to power my machines and ME network (a patch of netherwarts on my roof with harvester, planter, bioreactor keeps that automatically supplied). I only use Big Reactor (or now smaller one with 20K RF/t turbine) when running my laser drill.
  21. Not sure how to replicate marble, but it is often easy to find a spot with a lot of it. There are various methods to get or fabricate certain things once you have the resources to do so. For example once you have a laser drill set up and properly powered you can get unlimited access to certain ores that may be dangerous to obtain otherwise (like nether quartz, glowstone, etc.) without depleting those from the world. If you have access to Mystcraft it is possible to make an age with unlimited quantities of many things. I made one age just to get pools of ink and gave a linking book to someone else who got more glowstone than they every needed from a couple of glowstone tendrils in that age. Other people made ages with cryo gel or resonant ender oceans. If you have a bucket of lava and can get a bucket of cryo gel it is possible to make infinite obsidian and cobble. It helps to have 2 block breakers (which require power) or 2 terrain smashers (which require mechanical timer/state cell, rednet, or CC timing) and a pair of DSU's. If you have access to a minium stone the obsidian can be crafted into iron, gold, diamond, best done with cyclic assemblers (obsidian, iron ingots, iron blocks, gold blocks, diamond blocks) and you can make more diamonds to make more minium stones than minium stones consumed. I found a lot of copper early on, so I made my high rise tech base from copper and iron blocks and glass panes. With carpenter blocks you can make shapes that materials (like basalt or marble bricks) are not normally available in. So EE2 may be gone, but there are still ways to acquire vast amounts of valuable items without leaving scars on the land.
  22. Please add me to your whitelist, same as my name here efflandt. Looking for a server a bit bigger than the cable connected server I have been on, but not so big that too much tekkit is disabled (one tekkit server I tried even disabled the nether).
  23. I am not really a programmer. But how local is "local"? Is it possible that the local variables within a function are not available outside the function, so you may need to "return" the message, or use a variable local to the script instead of just local to the function. It has been awhile since I did Perl and Python scripting and I am new to lua.
  24. I have not tried communicating between CC computers yet, so not sure if that is all correct. I do monitor and control steam flow to a turbine with a CC PC on the turbine computer port and monitor a reactor with same computer using wired modem on reactor computer port. Output is to an advanced monitor adjacent to the computer. Doesn't your reactor script give you an error about line 9 which seems to be missing () or may explain why it is nil? In other words it should be: fAmount = reactor.getFuelAmount()
  25. There is a meter for the power fist that can find ores. I am not quite sure what the numbers mean, but when the numbers were high I did find diamonds. You need an emerald for the tinker table, but I have found villagers that will trade wool or wheat for an emerald, so in a few MC days I had enough emeralds for the tinker table and minium stone. Note that besides diamonds, emeralds can be cooked in the Calcifier to make minium dust to make a minium stone. Once you have a minium stone, an Igneous Extruder and one or more Aqueous Accumulators can turn lava and water into obsidian, obsidian into iron, iron blocks into gold blocks, and gold blocks into diamond blocks (or gold ingots into diamonds if you do not have a pumped lava source and cyclic assemblers set up yet).
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