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[1.1.0]___CTG Pro!__[PvE][100 slots][No BigReactors]


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Welcome Tekkit Community to our amazing server!. Our growing community on CTG Pro offers a warm place to build among friends and make new ones. Server admins are on regularly or can be contacted easily with any questions or concerns about the server. We have Mods regularly to help with any problems and issues!


The list below is of our head staff! If you see these guys online make sure to give them a shout out!







MoggleMan01: I am the Server Owner and lead admin. My responsibility is to make sure everyone has a great time and to get new staff on our server while overseeing the general needs of the server. I frequently help with any issues and problems that people might have and am always here to answer any questions! Hope to see you on the server!



Arcamis: I am the other Co-Owner and Build Team Admin. I work on the servers aesthetic value building community areas and leading the build team admins. We try to add new things to spawn that YOU the community want to see! Our most recent addition by popular demand was the Admin Shops, make sure you check those out!

       Also if you would are interested in joining Build Team build something amazing on the server and let me check it out! We are just looking for players who are regulary on and have some skill!





If you are interested in being staff on our server please fill out the following survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CH8PVNW






PS. We are in the works of adding mini games to our server! We are looking at a week or so until they are ready for public use! Construction is under way and I hope that you guys are as hype as we are!





We look forward to seeing you on the server, and reamber to have fun!!!




We just updated! If your having any trouble connecting to the server, make sure your mod pack is up to date!

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