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Cannot get Tekkit 2.1.0?


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I downloaded an old Tekkit map, and it says that it only works in Tekkit 2.1.0 because, if I would load the map in 3.1.2 it would crash because of all the Forestry items that were in the modpack. So, I've been trying to downgrade to Tekkit 2.1.0 from the Technic Launcher, but it doesen't work. It only gives me a little pop-up saying ''Updating failed''. I've searched google through map converters for Tekkit but nothing worked. Help, please?

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That didn't work for me. I've tried virtually everything, including rebuilding my computer, and trying to build it on different machines and copy it over.

I get the same popup telling me that the update 'failed', so I think it might be a problem with the website. Who knows...

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