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  1. Minefactory Reloaded was in Tekkit 1.2. I'm surprised this pack doesn't have it
  2. Can you remirror your patches onto Mediafire, Dropbox or Mega? Sendspace has deleted them for some reason.
  3. Post the ForgeModLoader-client0 log, that will contain the reason why it is crashing.
  4. If there are adverts in the launcher, would they only be static images (and gifs, like in the first launcher) and text? I don't like the flash adverts, as I found they slowed down my browser (and may also be a security risk). I've already found the source code on github, is it working at the moment?
  5. That means the chunk has been corrupted, you'll need to ask the owner to regenerate the corrupted chunk. The cause of the corruption was likely due to someone placing a drawbridge inside of the drawbridge camoflauge slot.
  6. go to %appdata%, and navigate to .technic/tekkit/config Open the IC2ChargingBench.cfg with notepad, and change the block id from 189 to 187. Navigate back to ./technic/tekkit, and open up the buildcraft folder, followed by the config folder inside. Open the AdditionalPipes.cfg with notepad, and change the TeleportTether.id = to 179.
  7. Anticheat worked fine on an FTB Ultimate server, but it didn't like the Thaumcraft 3 lightning wand much (Player was kicked for hacking).
  8. Industrialcraft teleporters don't work between dimensions, however, Gregtech teleporters do.
  9. Optifine isn't compatible with most mods these days, and actually makes minecraft run worse on newer versions.
  10. You have an ID conflict for some reason. The default ID for the Charging Bench in Tekkit Classic is 187, while the Teleport tether is 179. I would recommend changing the ids in the config files to those values.
  11. If I remember correctly, NoCheatPlus blocked players being able to place down BuildCraft pipes, unless the player was opped.
  12. There is an option to increase the amount of memory, and automatically increase the perm gen size, but there isn't a way within the launcher to launch minecraft with manually entered java parameters (the JVM Arguments).
  13. You can disable the crafting recipe of any of the ICBM blocks/items, and the explosives working in the ICMB config file
  14. Jush make a text file with .sh at the end, with the following in: java - jar TechnicLauncher.jar and have it in the same location as the Technic Launcher.
  15. Something that I feel that the Technic Launcher is currently missing is the ability to manually enter in Advanced Java Parameters. Other launchers (including the new minecraft launcher, and MultiMC), have this box so parameters can be entered to fix memory problems with Minecraft.
  16. The Technic Launcher doesn't support 1.6.2, as the way Minecraft downloads and runs has changed.
  17. Technic doesn't have Too many items installed anyway, it does have Not enough items (NEI) though. If you don't want to cheat items in, click the options button when your in your inventory (when NEI is up), and click the Cheat Mode button until it says Recipe Mode.
  18. In the picture it looks like the red alloy wire going to the reactor is on. When a nuclear reactor gets a redstone signal, it doesn't run, ie not making eu. Try switching off the red alloy wire, then it will run.
  19. Try clearing the cache in the launcher and deleting the Tekkit file in .TechnicLauncher in AppData/Roaming. It should download after that.
  20. Gem armour offers you 100% protection. You can drown, die in lava and you are resistant to any damage you can get. If you press G, you'll also have jet pack style flying.
  21. I was talking about the buildcraft pipes there, and I know the crop system is IC2. I have done this before with wooden pipes and condensers and never had this problem.
  22. The previous build of Tekkit was Tekkit 3.03 if I remember
  23. IGN: Hobby_boy Age: 16 Timezone: GMT Your best mod: My best mod in Tekkit has to be redpower, as I've built sorters, completely automatic factories (mainly solar panels) and its just fun overall. 2nd would be Industialcraft. What Position: Mod would be great! Why you should get the Job: I've been playing Tekkit (well Technic) for around 5 months now, so I know a lot about the mod, and I've helped with other minecraft servers. I'm quite good with plugins and am helpful on the servers I go on. Extra Info: I have built several things in Tekkit, like a HV Solar Panel factory, a Sorter using redpower sorting machines and a timer factory.
  24. On a tekkit server I play on, I recently created an autocrafter for weed-ex. It was working fine for a few minutes then a whole stream of items came out of the condenser in the buildcraft pipes to the automatic crafting table mk2, causing me to get 0 fps from 60 fps. The wooden pipe getting the items out was only a redstone engine, and it was still blue. Is this a bug in the version of buildcraft in Tekkit 3.1.2 or has SirSengir deliberately made this happen?
  25. The server has the same plugins on as it did before and I was using buttons for the teleporters to activate them.