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Need some help regarding teleport pipes and combustion engines


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I've set up a combustion engine, I've connected the engines to pipes which contains water, constantly refilling water to its engine.

The engine is full of water, it stays on 100 degrees and all of a sudden the water begins to vanish. The pump which refills the engine with water is running and I can see loads of water comming through the pipes, but it just wont fill up again.

Is there anything else I need to do?


I've set up a portal which leads to another location about 7k blocks away from my main location.

It's a huge oil field, I've set up multiple pumps to pump the oil and I'm having a question regarding it. Is there some sort of a teleport pipe on tekkit which 'teleports' the oil from one location to another without having to add thousands of fluid pipes?  I can't find any teleport pipes in the item list :/


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Regarding your first topic, it might be a bug, I have not encountered it myself but try using fluiducts from Thermal Expansion. There seem to work 100% for me.

Your second topic however, there is no teleport pipes anymore. This version of Buildcraft saw the removal of them. To transport liquids long distances consider using a ender tank or tesseract.

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