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Server staff needed


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Minecraft IGN:ipokey6


Tekkit experience:4 years

Are you over 14? :i am 14

Do you have skype? :yes

How much time can you dedicate to this server? (Timezone would be nice, as well as how much time you can spend on weekdays vs. weekends):a few hours most days oh and (AEST)

What position are you applying for? :moderator

What are you good at? (Make this as detailed as possible):I can help with factorys building, moderating i am a very very experienced builder and very experienced factory maker.

Maturity Scale (Out of 10):9

Anything else you want to tell us? (if you leave this blank and/or brief, you will most likely not get in): I Own my own server i have been admin on 5, i have been moderaotr on about 17 servers and op on 6.

Thankyou for reading this i look forward to being a moderator
if u choose so ;P and cant wait to get to know everybody!

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