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Request for an entire New-Mod Pack please read.


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In short: Make a New Mod-Pack based off a Space and Si-Fi theme Basically just make the world specially generated like biospheres has it, with spaceships and guns and stuff. (Think like Star Wars/Star Trek/ and Battle star Galactica but imagine it in minecraft) creating mods akinto these mods listed below:

The Biosphere Mod,

The Zepplin Mod,

The Planatiods mod,

Balkons weapons mod

The Millenaire Mod,

Mo Creatures Mod,

The MFFS Force Field Mod

The Better Dungeons Mod

I have looked at most of these mods and they are the closest I can think of for a mod pack that would be cool for a space themed Mod-Pack. However they don't really fit and I will explain in this thread.

Also mods like redpower, industrial craft, computer craft, and rei's mini map mod would definitely fit the space theme. And many other mods I have seen that are already in tekkit would be great, but not all of them.

By the way this is the server that I got the idea from. http://minestatus.net/10991-chaos-lords-factions-pvp-with-space Sadly its dead now, mainly because the server had a lot of butt hurt people who cried when you destroyed their base and killed them In pvp. Still the server owner had a great idea of putting space in minecraft!

The World

You would make it generate; Biospheres, large and small asteroids, you could use glowstones for stars and suns, and ender blocks would be used for generating moons. It would be nighttime always and there would be nothing below just the void. You wouldn't really need the normal world just Space, but you would need the nether. Biospheres could be abundant in just a few resources, and would vary in size. Some could have glowstone suns generate near them with 2 moons or one moon, things like that make it seem more like a planet. Instead of planatoids being shaped in spheres maybe you could make them generate like random shaped chunks of rock to make them look more like asteroids much like the picture I will post later below that I got from another space server I found.

All these asteroids and biospheres and suns and moons sound like great ideas that would give space some eye candy and variety, but you have to have aliens and giant ominous space creatures to make space full of content. So you could make new mods that would be like the millenaire mod and the better dungeons mod to add in some npc's the player could encounter that he would only see in space. Think big space stations full of evil aliens that want to assimilate you, make them hard to kill and challenging mobs like the better dungeons. Maybe make it so they can also pilot space ships and attack you while your flying around in yours! (Ill get to space ships in a bit) Also think alien villagers that would trade with you essential items needed for crafting space ships and powering them, sending you out on quests to defeat a monster of sorts that is plaguing them, and would only let you harvest resources on their biosphere if you are their trusted friend otherwise they would attack you. Or you could just genocide them and get their biospheres resources that way. And of course you have to add in space ghasts that will attack you out of no where! Or maybe not. Also you should think about the fact that it's space! You should need to have a space suit to survive. On the Chaos lords server, if you were in space and there was 5 air blocks above your head you would start losing health rapidly if you didn't have a suit of gold armor on. (Gold armor was the space suit, but please don't make it gold armor in the mod-pack be creative :D ) On another server I played on that was in beta, the dev was able to mess with the gravity so we could jump really high in space, though I heard thats really dangerous.

Space Ships

Simply put if you are going to make a mod-pack based off of a space theme, then you need space ships, which means you need a mod that will allow you to create and design your very own space ship and fly it. You might think why not use the zeppelin mod? Because it is to unwieldy and I believe doesn't do well with a bunch of other mods running at the same time. You might ask; "What about movecraft?" Just try that mod out for 5 minutes and you will see what I mean. And the airship mods out there like flans mod or whatever just won't do either.

I need to be able to make my own ship, that would take the fun out of it. This leads to only one conclusion; you have to make a new airship mod, how hard can it be? However hard it would be it would be worth it. I personally would like to see something a lot like the zeppelin mod where I place a control block down, it finds the size of my ship and turns in into an entity. Instead of pressing keys on the number pad to go a speed of 5 in the forward direction and a speed of 2 going left, I would to right click the control block and puts me in control of the ship as if I were using a boat meaning; I press W and I go forward, I press D and I shift to the right,space bar to ascend up and shift to go down and I move my mouse in the direction I want to go. Then use the arrow keys to control the speed. The bigger the ship the lower the max speed it would have. Once I get the direction and speed going maybe make it so if I left click or right click again it will allow me to have control of my character again and I can go do other things while my ship keeps flying to my destination. On top of all that you should need something to power your space ship. Im not sure I didn't think too much about this all I know is you should need an engine of sorts to power your ship depending on the size of said ship. I will leave that up to you, whoever you are.

Firepower and Forcefields

For the sake of PVP and PVE (if you somehow make it so mobs can pilot space ships) You should think of adding some means of firepower and forcefields that would take damage from laser cannons and tnt but at least protect you for some time. This way ships could have protection so you cant just be demolished by someones giant battleship with a ridiculous amount of firepower. You just need to make it to where you can place cannons on your ship and use them even when the ship is moving. Would be nice if you could have the cannons like Balkons cannon, you place it down right click to get in aim with your cross hair and then space bar to fire.

And thats pretty much it, though I may continue to edit this thread as ideas come back to me, there is so much to cover! Thinking up a new mod pack is like thinking up a new country I swear! But anyways thanks for reading, I do hope someone out there looks at this and really thinks about it, I think space in minecraft is an awsome idea. I know there are mods out there already and like one server I know is still up but it just seems that nothing out there is what I imagen. If I knew a language to code in I would do it myself but seeing as how I barely scrapped by my visual basic class in high school I discovered that programming is not my thing.

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I am about to impart wordly wisdom:

Everyone is an idea guy. Your idea isn't special unless you have the resources and know-how to make it happen. Sure, great, you have ideas for a few mods and a modpack. So does damn near everyone else who plays the game. Unless you have the ability to MAKE those mods, you don't stand out.

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Your so wise Jay? Thanks for your input. However if I had the know-how to make it happen I would be busy coding rather then typing up a thread to share my idea, that's kinda why I put this in the mod request section of the forums. Even though these mods don't exist, I thought I would post it anyway so maybe someone would think to make them. Also I don't care much about "standing out" as much as I wanted to share my idea to this community.

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1: The whole idea of space in minecraft was not my idea but from a server I played on months ago that later died, even though the server owner had a great idea to add space into it.

2: An idea can still be a great idea even if the person who thought about it can't do it, I'm not sure I understand your logic on that. This project was worked on by someone else who played on the server with me, he almost finished making a server that would have space and most of the things I explained in this thread but had to stop due to events in real life.

Really I never missed your point, I just disagree with it. You however have missed my point in that I came on these forums to share this idea with this community that I thought would have the means and the know-how to make this happen. Again that is why I posted this thread...here... in the mod request section... imagine that.

I'm not even really sure where your getting at here, is this not the section in the forums where those of us who have ideas but don't necessarily have the skills to accomplish them, can come here and post them? Or is this the wrong place for that? You could just say that, instead of trying to rain on my parade with your pessimistic attitude..

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I'm just saying that this place exists only so we can stuff all of these new mod requests someplace where we don't need to look at them, and nobody is going to make your idea for you. You're wasting time that you could be using either learning how to do it yourself, or finding something that you can achieve already. You can shar ideas all day long, but guess what? People who have the ability to make those ideas happen, have ideas of their own. They don't need yours.

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