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[3.1.2]A Wonderful World[PvP][20][Open][TOWNY, ECONOMY, AIRSHIPS, MCMMO][NO EE]


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Our extensive and in depth rule set which must be followed to the letter;

Our only rule is this; If you can do it without using a glitch, feel free to do so.

Disabled mods;

No EE, all else is enabled with a few exceptions which can be seen below.

Disabled items;

Mining laser, Quarries, Miners, Mining Turtles, Nukes. Mining Wells

A list of relevant plugins;

Authme, Mcmmo, Towny, Economy, Airships, Chest shop, PEX, No-cheat, Ore Obfuscator

A little bit about our community;

We are a server centered around diplomacy and and community so yes, we are survival. Towny war is almost always on and raiding as you can is encouraged, after all PvP is in the title. As we are less than a week old with tekkit, we don't really have a set community. Players with a mature mindset are encouraged. If you were disappointed at no memes being allowed on these forums we don't want you. You will not find any monuments or great structures at spawn, as I, the owner, believe that a man's best work should be in his home and therefore the greatest structures will be in peoples towns. We do not accept donations of any type for any benefit, as the owner, me, does not agree with buying your way through.


24/7, hosted by a professional hosting center. It is located in the middle of the U.S.

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