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[3.1.2]Deltalans Tekkit[PvE][20 slots][24/7][Whitelist][Factions][Limited EE]-Swedish


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Welcome to Deltalans Tekkit 3.1.2 server thread

We recently started our own Tekkit survival server over at Deltalans, the server is currently in what we would like to call a beta phase, things are beeing tinkered with, settings change now and then and plugins are being added while we go.

There is currently construction ongoing at the spawn and our ongoing arena build, if you would like to help out with our spawn or some other project you are more than welcome to contact any of the server moderators!

To get whitelisted head over to our website and register an account, when the account has been reviewed and accepted by a member of our staff you can create an whitelist application in the appropriate forum.

!Note that this is a Swedish only server, you are required to register an account at our website here, when registering at our site it's required to have a valid Swedish social security number, so unfortunately we can only accept Swedish players.

Website: http://www.deltalans.se/

Server Information:

Were allowing most items and blocks so far, parts of EE has been disabled along with World Anchors, Dimensional Anchors and Nukes, check further down for a complete list of items/blocks.

Server IP:


We have a TS3 server available for anyone that is a member of our community, you can find out more about server details etc when you are a accepted member.

General Server Settings:

  • Creeper environmental damage is off (Still do damage to players)
  • Night/Day cycle
  • Weather is on
  • PvP is off
  • Survival mode

Server specs:

  • Ubuntu Linux
  • AMD Opteron 4x3Ghz
  • 8gb Dedicated Memory


  1. No Griefing.
  2. Theft is not allowed.
  3. Turn of all machinery when you go offline.
  4. Don't leave any floating trees.
  5. Try to avoid unnecessary world destruction.

Bukkit Plugins:

  • Backup
  • CoreProtect
  • DeathChest
  • Dynmap
  • Essentials
  • Factions
  • LWC
  • NoLagg
  • WorldBorder
  • WorldGuard

Banned items:

  • Catalytic Lens
  • Destruction Catalyst
  • Hyperkenetic Lens
  • Mercurial Eye
  • Ring of Ignition
  • Volcanic Amulet
  • Nova Catalyst
  • Nova Cataclysm
  • Ring of Arcanna
  • Red Morningstar
  • World Anchor
  • Dimensional Canhor
  • Nuke
  • MK1 & MK2 Collectors and Relays

Other information:

Server the server is still in beta mode things are changing while we go along, planed changes are to take out Factions and replace with Towny. Other plugins beeing looked at is McMMO and some kind of currency plugin.

We know about the Dynmap beeing bugged, showing wilderness.

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