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Ok, I give up. Every time I look at the gui stuff The Fog descends on my brain and I can't do crap for the rest of the day.

Does anyone have some free time this weekend they could spend on a skype/google/ect... chat walking me through a basic gui with buttons, a progress bar, and inventory slots?

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Go check out this old thing I never went back to. In the source in the "Api" folder is some code that lets you make GUIs modularly, and that will probably be just the wedge you needed, because from there it's just calculation and drawing.

As far as standard Minecraft controls like buttons and bars, if you want to use them instead of making your own style, just look at the code I did and then go rip a few lines out of some of Minecraft's base GUI classes like the main menu or world-load screen.

http://j-a-k-j.com/Fair Trade

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