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[v1.0.12c] EnderCraft | B-Team | Grief Prevention | Economy | 24/7 | Mature Community | Teamspeak

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I only been on the server for a bit now tho the members and staff are really nice its all really well made and over all good for the set up

I like the ideal of the voting tokens and think it was a good thing to add

but over all i am having fun playing on and cant wait to record when i get my new setup


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I like this server a lot.. its the best (public) B-team server I have found.

Pros include grief prevention, great community, helpful staff that reply quickly, centralized user mall that allows users to purchase a shop plot which I like a lot ( a few other servers didn't have a centralized warp so everyone had scattered shops that made it difficult to find things you needed to purchase), also has a server shop which is always nice and helpful.

Cons, honestly the only cons I can think of are that quite a few items are disabled BUT only the items that violate claims and duping.. so really its not a big drawback it protects players.

(IGN- DoomBunny)

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I :love:LOVE:love: this server! Its the best Attack of the B-team server I know! I go on it all the time. It has great staff and amazing starter kits.


Totally reccomend this 10/10!:)


Also I get 120 yes 120 fps no lag what so ever!:3:


In game name: YappyCat711

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A server B-Team is always welcome, since there are not many.

One thing that has surprised me is the fact that the "tpa" command have a price to be executed. I've never seen this on any server. If anyone can explain the reason, please do so.

Then the system of rewards for voting seems somewhat weak ... Original? Yes. But a little loose ... Where is the money reward? The admin shop is also very small, needs an urgent expansion; and separating the objects by category, for example.
Sometimes there is a bit of lag, but not too much.

Otherwise, fine. But it could be much better.

PS: An occasional tutorial would not hurt. And decorating more the spawn, like writing signs with some color and improve starter kit xD

Thanks for opening the server!

Sincerely, an honest player :3

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