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[3.1.2]Dan's Minecraft[PvP][20 slots][EE-Enabled] Minimal Items Banned


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Hey everyone, I recently switched my server to Tekkit so I thought I would post it here. It's a small, friendly server in which most players get the chance to know each other.

I've tried to not install many gameplay changing plugins, but we do have some plugins running, the notable ones being Grief-Prevention, LWC, and Essentials. None of the Tekkit mods are disabled on the server, but TNT-like items cannot be detonated. The hosting company I'm using has been fantastic, so you will find minimal lag and 99% server up-time.

Server Address:

Rules are pretty straight forward:

  • Use common sense.
  • PVP and Griefing is allowed outside protected areas.
  • Using Tekkit items to bypass region protection is not allowed.
  • No hacks/xray.
  • Treat players and staff with respect.
  • Do not spam chat or advertise other servers.

If you're looking for a small friendly server, I encourage you to come check out the server. My website is kind of empty right now, but you can find it at www.dansminecraft.com

You DO NOT need to register on the website to play on the server, there is NO WHITELIST. However, registering does open up some player commands that you would not normally have.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think, I'm always open for suggestions on how to improve the server.


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